If you think appearing for the CA final exam is tough, try waiting for the final verdict on the Result day!! It is hell. You may be whoever you are, that day you become a bundle of nerves! Let me walk you through the thoughts which generally go on in everyone's minds-

  1. Ohh so my distant relative has messaged me asking for my result. Hello, when did we even talk last?
  2. This is the last time I am appearing for this exam. I cannot handle this again please!
  3. I hope the pass percent is good this time. Should not be a repeat of November 2013. 10% atleast. Then once I pass, it should go back to 3%. We don't want to increase the supply unnecessarily.
  4. Why is it still not out? Should I sit here whole day refreshing the damn site? 
  5. How can the vacation be over be fast? I just appeared for the CA final papers like yesterday!
  6. Can I get a rank. Lol. I should be in my limits.
  7. What if my best friend passes and I fail? I will have to study in the library alone. I hope she doesn't make a new best friend!
  8. So if I become a CA, how should I announce it to the world on Facebook? Should I change my name on FB to CA Akshay?
  9. Then there are few who get a bit philosophical. These exams, passing, failing - these are mere experiences. What is more important is giving your 100% always. Results don't matter.
  10. I think I might be 8- 10 marks short. Sure ICAI will consider that and give me grace marks right?
  11. God, please! Atleast 1 group if nothing else!

The 2 Post result thoughts which most of the people have felt -

  1. So Rita and Arun became CAs and I did not? Wow. They studied half of what I did. ICAI is so unfair.
  2. 59 marks? Seriously? This is so cruel!!

The thoughts on the day of the exam are bizarre!!! At one point, you think of cracking the exam and securing a rank, and on the other, you think you will fail both the groups. But the important question is not before the result but after it - What next?

Best of luck to all the May/June 2019 guys. You will experience this roller coaster soon :D

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