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Hi Pals.

Serious or Humour you decide!

When i was in 11th Std (2002), i use to see some of the aged people who use to write some exams with the younger ones.. I started guessing which must be this exam? IAS, MBA, B.com naa.. Until to my surprise when my friend whispered in my ears.. Its CA.

I never knew that i would be a part of this profession in near future. Until the completion of my 12th exams i was unaware of CA course, it was only when i was pushed by my elder sister to enter the course. Had tough fight with her as i wanted to do LAW, as i liked the fight between prosecution and defense in some of our classic Hollywood movies but nevertheless i lost an easy battle in tough hands :(

I cleared my CA but managed to clear my CS before it..

Saw many Ups and Downs mostly Downs.

Taking a serious note of the practical trainings offered by our course!

If you do your articleship from a small firm boss.. You have to slog for a Job just to know you are a worth of Rs.10K p.m if you clear 1 group of Final and Rs. 25K if you clear final. The number of K's then depend on the attempts you take.. were from my experience i can say the attempts increase in Arithmetic progression and the K's decrease in Geometric progression.

Then even if you manage to clear the Finals somehow by Luck or Hardwork (Both cases work parallel in clearing exams) you will get stuck up where to go?  Lack of guidance is the problem.. Here please seek an advice of more than one CA because all will have different opinions.. Poor thing you have to decide by yourself only!

The cream layer (Rankholders and First/Second Attempts) gets selected for Finance.. balance for Tax and remaining for Audit and other allied areas. The balance remain unemployed by force and some my choice.

I will like to share an interesting facts of CA interviews.

I went for an interview which was for the post of AM Accounts & Finance. Guess whaat the Interviewer said.. Since you have expertise in Stat Audits you cannot do an accounts job!! I was stunned to know that a CA cannot do an accounts job? Further he said we have an opening in our Finance department. Well then I said I can refer a CA  friend of mine he politely declined me and asked for an MBA reference. I need not quote why!

Present Job Market Scenario –

Advertisement Synopsis

1. Many BPO/KPO and reputed organisations - CA and CA pursuing students need not apply.

2. Only candidates from Big4 and reputed organisation apply.

3. Wanted experience candidates with 2-3 years of experience in Finance Department.

4. CA with 1st or 2nd Attempt only apply. 3rd attempt may be considered on exception basis.

Unsaid practical problems for CA pursuing students.

1. You have to quit CA then only we can offer you a job.

2. We will pay you more provided you leave CA as you demand holidays.

I have just highlighted few of the practical aspects in current CA profession learnt by myself or from friends and colleagues. It may or may not be true in everybody’s case.

For those who are aspiring to do CA, just don’t jump to do it. I simply advise them to think wise and not twice before selecting to join. Else you may end-up with a Wrong person at Wrong place.

Few advisable questions you should ask before joining CA:

1. Do I have patience?

2. Am I financially stable to sustain for a long time?

3, Do I have that intellectual to pass the exams?

4. Am I ready to take the pains and hardwork for CA study?

5. Can I keep the integrity and independence of this profession?

If answer to any of those basic question is NO then it is advisable to think on it or just Move On. All the best!

Published by

CA Sandeep
(Audit Manager)
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