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This is going to be my last article for the year. So let me start it with a thank you note. 

Thank you so much to CAclubindia team for giving me such a huge platform where I could share my views with such lovely and kind people and all the respected members who were part of my writing this year. Thanks a lot!

Now I have a point to make before we sign off this new year.

I know many of you are worried about the results. I have gone through the pressure, similar to what you are going through. As the result date approaches near, a feeling of pressure, fear, depression starts to creep in. We forget that we have time to enjoy, we forget that there's something called new year which is nearby.

Ok, let me tell you something. Last year I had no job, I knew I had made mess in the exams, but I was still awaiting for the results, I was cut out from all my friends, actually nobody bothered my existence except my parents and one or two friends weren't using any social networking site or any messaging app. As the year was coming to the end, I made a promise to myself that "it has to be my year otherwise I will be finished totally".

Actually the reason for my failures was simple, I used to fail even before sitting in the exam. Somewhere in my mind I had started believing that I was going to flunk in ISCA and would pass in other exams, fail in aggregate in the first group and actually it happened thrice. I missed by a very less margin. 5-8 marks in aggregate in the 1st group and 2-3 marks short in ISCA in the 2nd group. Imagine clearing all 7 seven exams and missing one subject by 2-3 marks. But the fact remains as they say "whether you miss it by a meter or mile, you just miss it".

Nobody cares about your efforts, people are just going to see your results. They wont care whether you failed by 5 marks or 50 whether you failed in one subject or 8.

Its all upto you to decide. Nobody is going to live your life. Your family, your friends, everyone can only support you, but its you who has to act for yourself. Its you who has to study and sit in the exam. So believe in the person you want to become.

When I said to myself that "It had to be my year". I was selfish about my goal. I didn't care about what others felt I was, I cared about where I wanted to see myself,

Failures in CA or life teach you one thing, that is "the meaning of comebacks". It is the time of adversity that teaches you the meaning of success, that teaches you patience, persistence, humility, sacrifice, love for the people who stand by you in the tough time and most important the value of discipline to attain the success.

The day results came, I was sitting in my room glued to my laptop, refreshing the result page again and again. The only words that came through my mouth when I saw the result were "I have become CA". 

The failures never let me sleep peacefully before that night and the night after I became CA I couldn't sleep because all those struggles were running in front of my eyes.

I won't say that I have achieved everything after becoming CA, but the satisfaction and the self-belief you get after achieving success from failures is the most awesome feeling in the world. You start to believe that you actually belong to this stage.

You don't know what results you are going to get, but make a promise to yourself this new year that you will take whatever in your stride and work hard again to come back stronger. Failure is not about results, its about the strength, that will to make a mark and comeback.

Start to believe in yourself, in the person you want to become because its your life. You got to shape it the way you want to fit in it.

Happy New Year to all the lovely people. May this year brings an endless joy and energy for you and you all achieve what you actually deserve and desire.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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