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First of all I would like to say all the best to all of you for your upcoming result. And I wish that your result will be in your favour. Here I am going to present a hypothetical/imaginary conversation between my life and myself. Hope you will learn the things from this conversation that I want to say you.  


One day after result

My Life asked me with smiling face, what happened? My friend, why are you feeling low today?


I said her angrily, why are you asking me? Hope, you are feeling happy now, that I have failed this time; I have lost my attempt this time. Again I said with the eye of tears, today I want to cry just because of you, you never want to see me happy and I hate you, because I have lost my confidence; because I have lost my 6 months and you are laughing at me.  How can you do like this with me? While you know I was not wrong. Even I have tried a lot this time. But I couldn’t succeed this time. Why?


Life says to me, are you sure? That you were not wrong; that you performed your best this time. My friend, you can tell lie to your parents; you can tell lie to your friends, but you can’t tell lie with me because I am your life. And I know everything about you. There is reason behind that why have you failed this time? Because I want that you learn from the situation how to handle the things in your worst time; I want that you should be stronger than others; I want that something which you have forgotten to learn are still pending and you will have to first learn them.


I angrily said, Ok then I could have done these things later also, but why this time? Ok I accept I was wrong somewhere, but what about my precious time that I have lost. Can you recover my 6 months of this attempt? Please tell me the reason why does it happen only with me?


Life says “oh now you are realising your precious time, I think you have forgotten the time when you lost your 3 hrs for just watching a 3rd class movie in your spare time instead of learning; have you forgotten the time when you enjoyed full day in your friend birthday party and there are lot of time that you have wasted in your life in such type of foolish act, that time when I said loudly again and again why are you wasting your time in such type of stupid things? And you said to me I am just enjoying life and now you are saying to me that why have I spoiled your time? If you can enjoy me then I can also play with you. Why don’t you accept your fault?


Again I said to life, ok what happened if I wasted my 3-5 hrs in a day or any single day just because for enjoying you (life). But how could you spoil my 6 months?


Life says to me, you are going wrong dude, I have just spoiled your 6 months of your whole life only for your betterment. Still you have not wasted enough time; you have lot of time to recover the things. Wake up, my friend and find your way to success. I am your friend not foe, I also want that you get success in your life. I also want that you enjoy life, but first you must pay today, so that you could enjoy me (life) later.


I said, ok I wasted my time, I accept but have you ever felt? what will I say to my parents? and what will I say to my relatives. How do they think of me, that I am loser.


My Life: You are right my friend your question is very true. But why are you asking me now? You are asking the right question, but your time is wrong. You had to ask this question before, while you were preparing for the exam that if I will not concentrate my mind in studying then what people will think of me? What will my family think of me, if I don’t score well? Have you ever asked this question that time when you were wasting your time in foolish acts and now you are realising that what will people think of you? The emotion you are feeling now should have been felt by you that time.


Myself: ok I accept my fault but how do I handle my family reaction now? I don’t care what people think of me, but I am committed to my parents that I will do my best.


My Life: You are accepting your fault in front of me. The same thing you should do in front of your parents, go and accept your fault and say confidently “dad” “I will do my best next time”. “Believe me” “dad”, “I will definitely do next time”. Confidence is the thing by which you can find everything in your life. I am sure they will agree with you and even you will find more confidence on you. And you will feel much better than before. It’s not easy, but not too difficult.


Myself: Ok I will try, but could you please tell me one thing that, “will I ever become CA in my life”?


Life says: No?


Myself: What do you mean?


Life: Yes, because I was expecting something else from you, I was expecting now you will say confidently after losing this attempt that “now I will show how to become a CA, in any condition”. And you are asking me that “will I ever become a CA”. Have you gone mad? I am not criticising you, you are not my foe dude. I again warn you, wake up; otherwise I would also not be able to help you next time. I know you are feeling very low and I am also realising the same feeling that you are realising now, but I just want, that now you have to be serious about your course, time to wake up, wake up and say to everyone, “I will show you to become a CA”. The feeling that you are realising now after failing in exam, is your tool to find success, keep this feeling always with you in your heart until you find success. Never forget this feeling; this will help you in every up and down of your life. This will realise you always, the utmost pain of a loser that you are feeling now. No need to cry my friend, wake up and promise yourself that now you will do anything to find your success. And the day will come when you will realise that I was right and you will feel that you are much stronger than those who cleared their exam in one attempt. Because that time you will have two qualities, first you will have your success and second you will know about how to overcome from failure.


Winner is not the one who wins the game, winner is the one who never lose hope; who never give up the struggle. Failure doesn’t show that you have failed the game, it teaches you that now you are much stronger than winner because now you have one extra quality as compared to winner. That is your “Will power”, “Fire”, “Jid”. Now no one can stop you to win. But you have to maintain this “Will power” “Aag” “Jid” in your life until you win. Kuch nahi hota yaar, rona nahi kabhi; girna, ladna, fir se girna, fir se ladna but haar kabhi nahi manna, actually this is the time that you will never forget in your life and you will always feel proud on yourself in future, that you never gave up and you are the winner now. 


You have chosen the CA course then of course there is some reason behind this. Because everything happens for a reason. You will definitely become CA, keep patience my friend, you know your destination very well what you want to become in your life? the only thing is, now you have to recognise the way only. But ye jo aag hai na, that you are feeling now, ise kabhi bughne mat dena, until you win. This is not the end, my friend, because every story has happy ending, you have to learn from your failure and now you are going to handle the situation which is very critical, but you can do and you will do, because this is not the end……………………………………….


Wo jeetna bhi kya jeetna jiske piche dard na ho, kaante na ho, yaandein na ho, anshu na ho aur chaah na ho “ik aanshu ki”, jo tumhari ankhon mein ayenge us jeet ke baad, aur wo anshu tumhare sare dard bhula degi. Hai na. Kya tum wo pal nhi jeena chahte. So what are you waiting for dude, jau aur badal do apni kismat.

Thereafter I thanked to my life and suddenly I woke up from my dream.



Dear friend, result is near and there is one big reason behind this imaginary conversation, hope you get the point what I want to say?


Thanks for reading


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