Think - What did you do 3 years of college?

CA Aditya Shah , 03 July 2018  

So if someone asks me, what did you do 3 years of college apart from studies, I'd perhaps say I defined for myself the word THINK. And it keeps on updating itself.

Its a five lettered word but can perhaps get you all the success in the world that you want to get.

- What are your targets? Think
- What are you doing to achieve your targets? Think
- Will you ever be able to achieve all that you wanted to from your comfort zone? Think
- So is it worthwhile to take the risk or not? Think
- Does Life offer you a second chance? Think

Most people often like to take the secure route to success. They want security in their minds, ki jo chalta h chalta rahe. Uske baad aage ki sochenge.

Well in reality nothing happens unless you step up and do it. You self confidence can be your biggest asset if you choose to utilize it in the right away. To those who are in their 20's or 21's. We're all in this age where nobody quite wants to grow up. Surely this is the best time of our lives as sooner we have to learn to be more responsible & mature.

But while writing this, I still consider myself kiddish. But that's how it is. Whether you want to be the next big entrepreneur or you want to pursue your idea. Now is the time for believing.

Why aren't 90% people unsuccessful and only 10% are? They have learnt to wait or perhaps even forgotten to prioritize. Therefore, its very important to have a correct balance of personal & professional lives.

There's a point you need to take this risk in Life.

So the most important question that we all would face some time or the other is while we are inspired for some time, why doesn't it last long enough?

Why doesn't it carry itself forward into Day 2?

The reason is Disbelief. Our mind has been used to thinking wrongly, negatively.

So this article focuses on just one word: Think. Start thinking correctly, start by believing haan possible h! Spend time working on your self confidence & skills. Take a break from social media, your social image has nothing to do with the actual person you want to be.

Success has no definition, no meaning. You have to give it a meaning. Be a role model. Write your success and help others write theirs.

"Finding out what you need to do is an feat in & of itself"- Mark Zuckerberg

The author is a B.Com Graduate from St Xavier's College & a CA Final student and he can also be reached at

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