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Always remember it's not your aptitude but it's your attitude which decides your altitude. In life, there is nothing like a hard situation. There is always a situation but our approach towards it decides whether it is hard or easy. As all of us are going through the peak time of preparation, during this period our mind becomes more volatile to the negative thoughts.

With the burden, of course, our mind also carry negative and demotivating thoughts as extra luggage. This is where the real test of your strength lies. Whenever you get pressure in mind during studies tell these some lines to your mind.

1. It is the natural pressure of exam and I am alone not facing it. All those who are giving exam have to go through it.

2. So much course is there but I am alone not reading it. Everyone appearing for the exam has to read it.

3. Will I able to retain it in the exam. Yes, I will able to retain it because there is no hole in mind from where things will get leaked.

4. Others are enjoying and I am studying but it's ok I will enjoy more than them in future

5. I am doing so much hardwork will I get the desired result. Yes, I will get the desired result. I have to keep faith in the transition of God.

6. Am I doing the right thing by doing CA, or I should have done another thing. No, I am on right track and just a few days away from the final destination. As I said above Attitude matters and our approach to situation decide whether it's hard or easy.

So, when you will show positive attitude as mentioned in the above points you will tell yourself that your strength is bigger than every hard situation. When you will pass positive vibes via your brain to the universe than you will attract positive energy and positive things in your life. You will get positive power to fight with a negative situation and to deal with demotivating thoughts. Then every situation will look easy.

Keep this quote in mind.

"When I entered into the playground they changed the rules for me. Then.. Then what, they changed the rules but I changed the whole game."

Tell your mind that whatever the level of paper comes, let it come I will pass it. Attitude Matters.!! 


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