Things CA Students Should Learn During Articleship

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Articleship is one of the most crucial aspects of the CA profession. You get to learn a lot during this phase. Also, learning the right things during articleship will not only help in your professional building but will also help during writing papers in a more conceptual way.

So, it is important to know what are the main areas a CA student should focus while pursuing his/her articleship training.


As a Chartered Accountant, everyone around you will want you to save their tax. If one has to start practice after qualifying as a CA, one must have good knowledge of taxation. Basic filing of ITRs will also require knowledge regarding taxation matters. So, one should focus on the taxation area during his articleship training.


As an article, you will be sent to different companies for audit. Right from basic vouching to giving the right opinion on the Financial Statements, auditing involves all of these. Understand and learn how to apply the Standards of Auditing in real life which we study in books.

Things CA Students Should Learn During Articleship

Learning Accounting Softwares

It is important to learn the basic accounting software like tally, busy, etc where the accounts of the clients are maintained. We as chartered accountants should know how to access the books of accounts of the clients through softwares because these days everyone maintains their books of accounts using these softwares only. So we need to have a friendly hand on these softwares.

Office Ethics and Communication Skills

We get to learn about the office culture, how to dress professionally, how to interact with clients, etc. The interaction can be face to face, or telephonic or over internet services like video call, skype, etc. We get this experience from the articleship period itself.


Dealing with Government Offices

Articleship training is not complete until you've witnessed the reality of a government office. After experiencing the government office working system and environment, your biggest learning will make you a tougher and more confident person. That constant running around will also force you to understand the system and deal with it in a better way. Knowing what to do and how to do it is the main learning point.


Balancing Personal Life, Student Life and Articleship Life

During articleship time it is very tough to make a proper balance between family, work and studies. Because as students we have classes to complete which is equally important. Also, there are some family responsibilities to be fulfilled. So we need to learn how to make a proper balance between all of these.

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