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Shri Samartha Ramdas Swami stated in his verse as “Yatna to Dev Janava”.  It means the efforts are to be conceived as GOD.

But we have seen that many of us are doing efforts to get a better life but do you really think that everybody is succeeded in that?  The answer is no.  What is the real cause of failure.  Is it that we are not strong enough or our efforts are not enough to reach the goal?

This is really a thought provoking question to all of us because the answer may differ from person to person.  But we should do “Atmaparikshan” i.e. Introspection on this.  Try to find out the answer of How do I get the success rather than How do I won’t fail? Even though both this questions sounds similar; but first one is positive and later one  is negative.  So the efforts must be positive i.e. should be in the direction of our goal.

Have u done an experiment; in which the rays of sun passes through the lenses and the paper gets burn.  Just think, what will happen if I put the paper under the sun but without holding the lense over it? Will it burn? The answer is no. It means our efforts also need to be concentrated enough to get the desired result.   

There is one story of Lord Buddha. Once there was a person who came to Buddha and asked him that “ I am trying to dig a well. I have digged in four parts around ten feet each but I could not be able to get water . What should I do? I am fed up now.”  Buddha smiled and said “ Oh dear, if you digged forty feet in one part instead of ten feet each in the four parts, you would have easily got water.”  Do u get the moral of the story? Your will power might be strong, your biceps may be strong but you need to be patient in your efforts. Its a human nature to get upset after getting failure but don’t be disheartened. Try once more, you may not know when you will get the flow of water under the soil.  It means even after trying so hard we need to be patient and consistent enough.

In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna said that,

Hato Va Prapsyasi Swargam, Jitwa wa Bhokshase Mahim|

Tasmat Uttishtha Kaunteya, Yuddhay Krit nisschay ||(B.G-.2(37))    

The meaning of this verse is that, if u have got killed in the war you will be in the swarg and if you kill your enemies you will be the king of this earth, so awake Arjun and get prepared firmly for the war.

This is another characteristic of efforts and that is we must be “Kritnisschay” i.e. be firm with our thoughts.  The person with dual mind will never succeed in his work. So you must be focussed enough to get the work done.

Do u know what is the definition of insanity? The insane person means the person who does the same action but expecting a different result every time.   I think this is the major cause of our failure.  Try to change you strategy after you failed. Be prepare yourself with plan B if Plan A doesn’t work for you. The exact example in this regard is of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. While he had decided to meet Afzalkhan, he already gave his ministry all the necessary instructions, if he didn’t come alive.  This is not a negative thinking, but preparing for the worst condition. It is thinking on every possibility that could happen and get prepared for any worst condition also. Because of this you will save to get into nervous position which will make you actionless. We have many examples of students who have committed suicide after getting failed in the exam or getting refusal by their loved ones. This is a sign of weak hearted person.  So your efforts must be based on strategy.

I know many of you will be aware of these things, but I just tried to arrange those in the manner which might become thought provoking to you. As you know, there is nothing new what we wanted to get successful; it is always lying within us. We just have to clean the mirror to see our faces.  This is applicable to everyone; he might be a student, a professional or even a worker working in a mine. I would like to quote the line of Swami Vivekananda “Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached.”  So, I wish all of us; try the best of our efforts and live like a Legend. Thank you.

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