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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. - Barack Obama

You might heard of people saying that, I will go to gym daily, I’ll start Yoga or about quitting some bad habit etc. and to have a fresh start, even we too made promise something to ourselves but after few days all things we wanted to do had forgotten and we are on the same motion as we were before. We started adopting such change to our lives and come up with an excuse but among us only a few surpass his comfort zone and grace the change they want and become the Hero of them.

I am also one of them who always want change or I would say dream for upgrade things about them, so you might too. I start things with enthusiasm and with a fire inside me but after some days of trying to adopt those changes I gave up with some excuse, whether it was about going to gym or meditation or working on language, whatever it is I never finished well.

We always seek for something called will power or motivation outside of us, for this we read a lot of books on productivity or watch motivation videos’ on how to develop good habits but nothing stays forever, after all, only reading books or watching motivational video’s does not be so helpful.

Now this is question arise in front of us HOW?, How we can motivate ourselves or get enough power to stick to the plan.

Here are some tactics which will be so useful to keep our fire continue:

The biggest problem we face when we start a new habit is to continue. There is some reasons coz of them we couldn’t able to continue whatever we started

i. Today is not a good day or I am busy today, I’ll start it from tomorrow.
ii. I am not seeing results, I should quit.
iii. I can’t do it, it is impossible to do it by me.

What we can do to get rid from these kind of excuses? Why we couldn’t get the forces inside us?

Here’s the thing in starting of anything what we face is a gravitational force which makes it difficult in beginning, then how we can come over the gravitational thing? How can we break the ground rule?

You might see an airplane when it is taking of it needs a lot of power and fuel to be in the air against the gravitation, so we too need such fuel to be in the air.

Instruct your brain

If we are going to start anything new, we must first prepare in our mind coz only way to succeed is by reminding our brain the benefits of doing this, e.g. if you want to get up early only your alarm is not sufficient to make this happen, give your brain instruction before going to sleep that “I AM TO GET UP EARLY” and your brain will obey you, you remember when you have to go out somewhere you always get up early even before your alarm, this is how it works, our brain takes instruction from us and make it possible for every time.

Go slow

You will wonder in this dynamic world I am saying you to be slow!! Here’s the thing my friend when we start something we start expecting results to come soon but you also know for permanent results we have to be patient. We never developed a bad habit in one day then we shouldn’t expect it to change in one day, it takes time and how much time, it purely depends on you. What you have to do is go slow and go long.

Don’t try to eat the frog in one shot

It is not possible to achieve the impossible in one shot, our goal seem pretty impossible to achieve at the first place and make us scare to accomplish them. But if we break the impossible into parts or I would say achievable targets then it will be easier to win the impossible.

Charm yourself

When you start to accept little changes in your life and able to develop something new, celebrate it. Yes celebrate it, bcoz little celebrations give us the joy and refuel the fire inside us to do more, the more joyful we’re the more easy to embrace changes.

By these tactics we can win whatever we want and be a change person, I have decided to change, do you?


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