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If you are a CA student, the biggest enemy to you could be the resistance to open the book. No, you are not a bad person. You get the resistance because studying can be overwhelming sometimes. Every subject in CA, irrespective of the level, has terabytes worth of portions to cover. Numerous sections, formulas, and concepts to study, memorize and remember. Not a simple task. Agreed.

But the job still needs to be done. You still need to climb that mountain; walk that path.

In my 9-long years of being a CA student, I have realized one thing: the number-one weapon you need, if you are a CA student, is positive momentum.

Momentum builds or destroys careers. Like a dead fish in a river, we all go with the flow under some momentum. While we can never escape momentum, we can choose in which direction we travel.

Realize that if you have not touched your book for the past two days and have done nothing productive but binge-watching series or mindlessly scrolling through social media, you had been carried away in the bad momentum.

During this unproductive phase, even if you get one moment of awakening, you can use that to change the course of where you want to go. All it takes is two minutes. We can simply change that bad momentum into a good one. And I am going to tell you how.

It takes just two continuous minutes of doing a good deed to trigger the phase of positive momentum. Simply do this when you want to get into a positive rhythm.

  • When you decided enough is enough, get up from wherever you are and get out of the room to a different location, and have a short walk. I recommend you walk for about two minutes. Take around 100 to 150 steps.
  • Drop all the gadgets that you are holding (smartphones, joysticks, or tablets) while you are starting to walk.
  • Once you are done with the two-minute walk, drink a full glass of water.
The No.1 thing every (struggling) CA student needs

With this, you have started a new chain of actions in a positive direction. Taking a short walk will shake you out of the negative momentum and activate the awareness muscles in your brain. You were lacking awareness, and that's why you fell into the negative momentum in the first place.

And drinking a glass of water will supply more oxygen to your brain, so you naturally think of what productive action to do next.

When you finish these two smallest of small actions, you realize that you have got two back-to-back wins. Yes, they are tiny wins but they are infinitely better than losing hours on media and social networks.

After these two positive actions, do the next small, positive action. Just open a book. Any study-related book. Don't debate with yourself what topic to study. Simply open a book and sit with it for five minutes.

That's it. If you can successfully sit with the book for five minutes, you have started a new wheel in motion. 99 out of 100 occasions, a person who starts on this new direction will follow through.

S/he won't have the hearts to kill the positive momentum they created. However, if you are having the worst of days and your mind still fights to not stay with the book, keep doing some other positive actions other than studying. Some activities include:

  • Taking 10 push-ups
  • Practicing breath awareness
  • Doodling
  • Spending quality time with parents/siblings
  • Reading the annual report of a listed company

With enough time spent doing good deeds, you will turn into a positive energy and eventually will gravitate yourselves towards books. Hang in there.


But never start with the actions that got you into the bad momentum. Especially drowning into gadgets and screens. This is because, by the time you realize that you have again wasted time, you would have already lost easily 2-3 hours.

Success follows success. Misery follows misery. When you realize you are in misery, do “anything” to change that streak. Take that smallest positive action to get out of the vicious cycle. And that “anything” is as small as having a short walk in a separate room without gadgets and drinking a glass of water.

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