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Hello My Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing great and giving your best for preparing for your upcoming CS Exam, which is going to start in less than two months from now. 

The Myth about CS Course

There is always a myth which we all get to hear from the students that, one needs to be strong in Mugging up the theory subjects in order to pass the CS exams, otherwise it's nearly impossible to clear the paper. There are lots of Acts, Rules and Regulations needs to study for passing exam, and so on...

We are always surrounded with such myth in our day to day life. But, do we really take a moment to think on this myth to find out the truth behind it? I guess no. 

So Friends, in this article, we will try to figure out the way in Five simple points and remove such myth which is getting spread day by day and help you all to understand what it takes to clear CS Exam with my own experience.

So, let's get started...

1. The Mind Blockade

Many students always think that, CS can be done only by those who are good at mugging theory (As mentioned above “The Myth”). I totally disagree with this statement. When I was deciding about taking up this course, the only thing I thought was there is a lot of learning in this and we can gain more knowledge. The point I'm referring is that, one must remove the blockade (The Myth) from the mind in order to clear the exams. Success or failure is the next step, but even before studying and writing exams, many students drop the course on this mythology or when they don't clear in first attempt, they think it's not their cup of tea. Try to think on this part, when a person like me who is not good at mugging up the theory subject can become CS, why can't you all. “Potential is measured only when you go and try”.

2. Practical Approach

The CS subject must be approached in a practical manner. Understanding the concepts and theory part will help you encounter any questions in the exams. The recent trend of questions being asked in the exams are on practical front and the examiner expects that every student should know the concept and provisions rather than mugging up the theory and pasting the same in exam. During my exam days, due to the practical approach towards the subject only helped me to manage and attend the questions, which helped me to clear the paper.

3. Mountain Climbing Syllabus:

We all know that the syllabus of CS is “climbing on the mountain” like thing or “Itna sara padhna hai but time bahut kam hai” (Less time more chapters to study) you would have heard from your friends who are writing exam. Even I Understand this personally, but we cannot leave something undone. Rather I use to prepare the detailed plan and accordingly divide the subject with so many chapters into A B C category. Then focus on the area (A/B/C) from where the maximum question comes and cover your syllabus. Divide and Rule is the formula thought to us by British People, let's use this formula for good cause to clear our exams.

4. Practice Makes it Perfect

As the saying goes, “Practice Makes A Man Perfect”. The CS syllabus is designed in such a way that, one must practice a lot in order to grasp and understand the concepts given. Mere study of subjects will not help you clear your exams. Many students fail in exam not due to lack of concept clarity, but due to lack of practice during study preparations. There is no harm in spending the time practicing the subject than giving time for social networking. Once we all understand this process, the amount of negative results will come down.

5. Expectations of Examiners

One of the main reasons why students don't clear exams is because we do not understand the expectations of examiners. We always think that writing CS exam is as good as writing College exams. This attitude/myth need to be struck down from our head so that we can focus on how to write our paper. Institute also releases suggested answer or examiners comment where the examiner gives his feedback for each question attempted by the students. Every student should read those comments and understand that what is examiner expecting from student plus how to present the paper. These insights will not only help students clear their paper but also help them to secure good marks.

The End:

“MYTH IS, AFTER ALL, THE NEVER-ENDING STORY”. - Joan D. Vinge (American Author)

We are those set of people who are sacrificing every bit of ease of living in order to be called as Company Secretary. But due to some myths or fear we commit mistakes and deprive ourselves of being called as CS. The CS course is very good course and has a great potential in the market. Further a CS is also called as KMP (Key Managerial Person) at the corporate level where he/she is being referred as a respected member of the Board. 

We are brave and that is why we have chosen this path of difficulty. Don't fall for some traps or what people say, because those who are afraid of all this will never enter a professional course like "CA CS CMA". Once you enter the course, you're considered as a brave person among all. We are Brave, and We Will be Victorious, just count this mantra every day and then see, you will climb any mountain which is coming your way to glory.

"Friends remember you are the inspiration for the coming generations, so make your story an inspiring one."

All the Best!! Take Care!!
We will meet soon.


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N.Vimal Kumar Jain
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