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The Independent India ?

Lets start to think on the Independency of India, which is earned by our National Heroes of undivided India.
Before going on this I want to describe that what independence means. Independence as per Webster dictionary means Freedom from control or influence of another or others.
In another word we can say that Independence is the ability to function in a given area without depending upon another's help. Independence in reading and writing is the ability to read and write anything one can say or understand in his or her language without depending upon another's help.
Independence is the self-government of a nation, country, or state by its residents and population, or some portion thereof, generally exercising sovereignty.
Well I think in the large sense of the word it means you’re independent of anything standing in the way of your self-improvement. You need to break free from your bad habits, from your affections, traditions and cults, from your past, indebtedness, false call of duty and all these chains we’re locked in. And this is the only way to become the master of your own life, but it takes lots of strength
Now, think about Indian Independency, 60 years have gone by when we won our freedom from the britishers. Many people laid down their lives to give us freedom. But are we really independent? Almost everything in our life today is controlled by the 'chosen representatives', say our ministers. Many of them are infected with the corruption virus from head to foot. Take the recent case of that jail minister who was caught talking to an underworld don on his cell. Even after the voice match, he is saying that it is a trick of the opposition to frame him. Whenever any government tries to pass any bill, the opposition leaders always protest against it. Even if it's for the welfare of the people, there are protests. many criminals become politicians. Do you think that independence means giving our lives in the hands of the people like these? There are so many parties nowadays based on religion, castes, region etc. in our constitution, it is mentioned that we are a democratic, secular country where every man is equal in the eyes of the law. Then how come, thousands of cases are pending against the politicians? Did our freedom fighters gave their lives to free India or transfer its control to these type of people?
Does we like our independency? Lets take an area of reservation. Do you think you should have reservation? Is it not a dependence instead of independence?
Actually our leaders do not want loss of vote bank therefore they are putting many dependency on the basis of casts, religions, income level, residential area, etc. But we people never think on that, we want to come forward without taking a step, like a lazy sleeping lion wants a deer in his mouth. These are only we, who wants to become front liner without any activity and the politicians are achieving their own interest with our help.
In the democracy, where on the one side our government says that every one is similar, other side says : ‘He is Meena, push him forward; He is Meghwal, Make him to come in front; He is Gurjerr, take him with us, else we will loose in this state; He is Harijan, bring him frontward; etc. But when some one else (I mean a person who is not in schedule) says to a person that he is harijan, that person can be pushed inside ! Means government can say, officers can say, even he himself can say, but unscheduled person, who is not an government officer can’t say that a Harijan is a Harijan or a Meena is a Meena !
People who are already classified backward are trying to show themselves as more backward so that they can get better reservations.

Do we have any right to know if reservation has helped any family? If yes does the next generation of the family require reservation?
It is highly shameful for the country, that even after sixty years of the independence we want to continue the reservation on caste basis. One more thing is that the IIMs increased the fees almost by doubling the amount, which the OBCs may find it difficult to pay and our politicians will force the IITs/IIMs to give free education also.
Wah re India ? Today everyone wants to come in schedules of casts. Not for the reason that his childs will get a good future, but for the reason that by this he can make a money without doing any work. He can capture a job without so much study, without going in regular tests and interviews. He can get a merit very near to failing percents.
Think India…
Do you really want this reservation.
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Yeah, one more thing… Mera Bharat Mahaan !!!
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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
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