My dear friends today I am going to discuss one of the major element in success which is "self-confidence". This is one thing which separates you from the rest of people. Frankly speaking, without having ample self-confidence you cannot achieve bigger in your life. Below are the few points on which if you practice upon you will clearly see the difference in you not only in your professional life but also in personal life.

1) Sitting in front row.

Have you ever noticed that why in classrooms, meetings etc.the back seats fills first? Most people sits on last rows so that they don't get noticed by other people and they don't want to get noticed by other people because they lack in self confidence.

Sitting in front row increases your confidence. Practice it. Make it a rule to sit in front whenever it is possible. Do remember one thing that to succeed you have to come into eyes of people.

2) Practice on talking with proper eye contact.

How a person uses his eyes can give us some information about that person. If someone is not making eye contact with you while having conversation, quickly a question comes to your mind, "what he is trying to hide? or "what he is scared of"? or "what he is up to"? etc.etc.

Generally, failure to make eye contact tells us two things. Firstly, I feel uncomfortable with you,I feel inferior to you, I am sacred of you or secondly, i have done something which iIdon't want you to know.I am scared that if I will make eye contact with you then you will understand what I am trying to hide.

When you prevent yourself from making eye contact you fails to make an impact over other person. You convey to him that that you are scared and lacks self-confidence.

On the other hand, taking with proper eye contact delivers to other person that you are true and honest, that what you said you mean it, that you are not scared and is full of self-confidence.

3) Walk with 25% more speed.

Yes,I am not joking. I mean it. Your way of walking conveys so much about you. A dull walk  relates to your non loving attitude towards your life, your job, people around you.

There are three type of people. First one are those with a "dead-like walk". Such persons are those who failed in their lives, faced so much defeats. Such kind of persons have zero self confidence.

Second one are those with an "average kind of walk". Such persons convey with their walk that are not proud of themselves.

And third one are those with high self confidence. They walk faster than ordinary persons. Their walk conveys to world that "I am going for an important work and most importantly I am going to succeed in that work".

So.try practicing this "+25% technique" and see results.

4) Cultivate the habit of speaking.

It is very common that many intelligent and able persons do not participate in discussions, they find it very difficult to do so. This doesn't mean that they don't have good thoughts to speak. The only reason is lack of self- confidence. 

Do not think that "my view is of no use" or "other persons will think i am talking nuts,so it is better to sit quiet" or "other persons knows better than me". Every time such person fails to speak he gets one inch more far from self-confidence and resultantly it becomes more low.

The positive side of speaking is the more you speak higher will be your self-confidence. Cultivate the habit of speaking. It works as a vitamin for self-confidence.

5) Give a big smile.

One true smile not only increases your self-confidence or eliminates wrong thoughts from your mind but also melts others protest- and it happens quickly. If you give a big and true smile to other person then such person cannot make an anger on you. I am sharing with you one such recent incident. I was waiting at the circle for the green signal and suddenly one person came from the back and hit my vehicle. I turned off the engine and get up to have an argument with him to realize his mistake. But before all it can happen, he came to me with a smile and said seriously that "it was not intended my friend, i am so sorry". His smile and statement made my anger vanished away and i said to him "it happens, no problem".

You can see the difference what a smile can do. A big smile is a guarantee to sure shot success, always wear it. It gives you confidence that you can handle anything out in this world with ease.

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