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Becoming a CA is many people’s dream
Some make it happen and some don’t
There will always be a vacuum in the depths of the heart, when you have not achieved it
This story is just a portrayal of the human emotion.

----The Chartered dream-----

Long ago there lived a family, which is wealthy and respected by every people in the town. Though they have fame, money and respect but they all miss one thing. One day the head of the family Amarendra called his son, pointing to the Portrait in hall and said ‘Surendra! He is your grandfather Narendra, whose fame is spread across the world, achieved many things in life but died asking me one last wish’

‘Father, what was that?’

‘Your grandfather always wanted to be a CA. He tried many times but couldn’t clear the exams and his father got him married at the age of 27. At that time, our family business was going on well and we are earning good money but he never stopped writing CA exams. He made me choose commerce in the college and also joined me in the CA course. It was also the same history that is repeated, I am also not able to clear the CA exams after writing many times. He also got me married at 27. As his last wish he wanted me to be a CA. I don’t know when I will be clearing CA but if I am not able to do it, My Son!, you should do it after me. From our family there should be at least one CA’

‘Father we both will be CAs don’t worry’

Many years were passed, but there is no CA in the family. Amarendra also gets his son Surendra married at the same age 27. Father and son both write the exams together but no luck in their family. Surendra was blessed with a child and named him ‘Veerendra’. As Surendra was busy with family and business, he stops writing CA exams but Amarendra still attends every exam.

One day Surendra tells his son Veerendra about their family dream of becoming a CA and why Amarendra still writes. Veerendra feels pity on his grandfather who still worries about the CA degree.

Amarendra calls his grandson and tells ‘Dear Veeru, I will be clearing CA this time, this is my Hall ticket number, which I am only telling to you. Don’t tell to anyone, tomorrow are the results. You should only check my result and tell me’

On the results day everyone in the family are tensed and more worried not for the results but it’s all about how Amarendra will be after the results?, how his health will be ?

Amarendra eagerly looks into the eyes of Veerendra, who is at the system for the result. As the tension mounted up, suddenly the power was gone and the old man collapsed on the floor in tension! Every one of the family were around the Amarendra and crying. There is no sign of life in Amarendra’s body. Pushing all the people aside with much difficulty, Veerendra came near to his grandfather, with all joy in his face and

Tells “Grandpa, You are a CA now, you have cleared all the exams, I have checked your result outside”

Amarendra opens his eyes and with a breaking voice “I know I will pass”

PS: Veerendra lied to his Grand father


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