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THE C.A student Strategy to overcome failures;


The sole objective of this article is to make our friends get a breakthrough for  the confusions prevailing at large as soon as the results are declared. This is basically for those  who find none to make them realize  WHAT WENT WRONG in their approach.


People who dreamt of either moving to the next stage or taking up their career post results are now forced to come again with their preparations.


Why ? What happened? Where did they went wrong? Who can help them identify their mistakes or who else can bail them out?

1. The C.A Instititute?

   A Big NO. Because as soon as it declares its results it is busy selling up examination forms for the upcoming exams.

   There is no answer as to why our institute don’t find any way to help students who haven’t met the recognition criteria for getting through the exam.


2 .Our own Cleared Friends?

  NO, Because they are pretty well busy in moving to the next level or searching for jobs.


3.Our Principals in charge of training?

  It would be great joke to expect them to guide us in directing in academics.


4.Our Parents?

   Sorry friends, other than Metro- living parents there are parents who still now know anything (including mine) other than the fact that C.A is THE TOUGHEST COURSE in India.


So friends whom are we suppose to rely upon?




So come lets have a deeper analysis as to turn ourselves from Zeroes to Heroes.


Please try to make up your mind in browsing up the following aspects.


  Do Self Analysis:

  First try to reconcile as to what is expected of a student in appearing for a C.A Exam and with what level we have appeared in the same exam.


 what is expected of a student?

 There will be none pursuing this course who do not know what is actually expected from a student right?

That is what all faculties and other books advise us know? So lets not waste time in learning the same requisites like 5 I’s (like Involvement, Immense focus) 3P’s (like Planning, Participation) and the monotones

What level we have appeared in the same exam?


  • First we must assure within ourselves as to whether we have entered the exam hall with all the preparations that is required for attempting a question paper like C.A


  • Please friends realize that this is not the first time that we are taking up study materials for preparing for a exam.


  • We very well know that whether it is one day cricket/20-20/test match, the cricket is same, the manner of execution forms the base. It also applies for our exams


  • So first be clear that C.A exam is same like any other exam per se.


  • All C.A’s, question paper setters, valuation people, examination department people are also human beings, and not creatures or Avatars.


Have we ever feared as we now do, when we took up our SSLC or Higher Secondary exams?

Just dust back your memories as to your scorings of those exams.


Most of us are toppers in schools or at least in specific papers. Moreover there are people who belong to Science Background.


Analyze with what amount of preparations we have been made to appear in those exams?

As soon as we saw the question papers, our hands started presenting the answers RIGHT?


Do we do the same way in our C.A. exams?

No friends, because our Sub Conscious is pretty well sure that we have not practiced well as we did in our exams where we did wonders, aren’t we?

We either did not cover the portions adequately or wouldn’t have revised it properly.

As a result our answers are

a)      Incomplete

b)      Not at a level as given in our books

c)      Not with good quality


So how are we supposed to make it up?


  • Yes, as we already did in our schooldays, doing our daily homework.


  • Those days if we are not prompt means there were Gurus to punish us then and there, whereas now????


  • So Friends understand the ground reality of what we are supposed to do?



  • This Boomi which we live is a KARMA BOOMI, it will surely yield what we have deposited.


  • The more quality hours of study we deposit, the more good marks we reap out.



  • Please realize that our Institute is a fool to allow us many months from registration till Exam.


  • Hence its now high time that we need to GET BACK OUR FUNDAS RIGHT isn’t it?


  • Here we shall bring back all our procedures as we adopted during the days when we excelled like anything. I shall share my own suggestions which will surely prove to be good methods to crack C.A exams.


Stage1. Daily Practice:

Yes this forms the ground rule.

a)      Make it a point to sit with books at least 2 hours a day during weekdays and 6 hours at best during weekends.

b)      Friends this may sound UN comfortable in the initial phase, but please do realize that what cannot be done in the initial study cannot be made as easy in the exam leave period.

c)      If we are able to pursue this, then unnecessary pressures in covering portions tends to reduce considerably at the fag end.


     Stage 2  Constant Revision;

a)      And the second cumulative factor is the continuous revision              mechanism.

b)      This is to be followed by Step A in adequate intervals.

c)      Continuous study process without reasonable revision is not worth.

d)      Only when we revise systematically we will be able to quickly present the concepts  which will help us completing the exam in a quicker fashion.

e)      Rank holders make a difference among others only by proper Revision.


    Stage 3 Write Model/ Mock Exams Periodically;


a)      Here Friends, once again if we travel academic years back, we’ll assure pretty                                                              well that we have been made (whether we liked it or not) to appear in various model exams at periodic intervals.

b)      Smaller exams when properly written adds cumulatively to enormous coverage work.

c)      But when considering the practical aspect as to our C.A course, we may not find such proper guidance and supervision.

d)      Hence cultivate proper friends circle and prepare mock exams within yourselves and attempt them sincerely and evaluate them with any faculties or using Previous Years’ suggested Answers.

e)      With Model Exams almost the battle is 75% won, and the main exams are just a cake walk.



  Stage 4. Utilize the Study Leave to the best:


a)      The first thing to realize is that this study interval given by institute is to consolidate the entire process discussed above in a rapid manner.

b)      But whereas the reality is that many of us would like to know the syllabi and trend analysis only during this tenure.

c)      Starting at the fag end, unable to complete the portions to the required extent, and finally without adequate revision are the sheer reasons for failure in our Examination.

d)      Keeping the entire mistake on ourselves, why should we complain on the institute for the standard of its question paper or for the toughness of its correction.


 Stage 5. Be mentally prepared for the Exam


Yes the last phase as of now, is to be ready to face the Examination with great confidence

Understand and believe the Ground Realities


a)      All questions by and large are from the syllabus given by the institute

b)      It is we, who should adhere to the level of Standard required by the institute and not the otherway round

c)      Everyone of us should know the fact that our examination are rated to be the Second most Toughest second to IAS, and its our duty to be mentally prepared for facing the same.

d)      And there is nothing to comment about the toughness of correction of valuers, as long as we present the papers with quality answers.



Stage 6 Don’t be carried away by your Results:

So by declaration of Results only TWO things can happen

a) .If you clear then its your day.

Now please try to extend your helping hand to our own friends who’ve found difficult    to digest the results

 b) If you don’t clear, then also its your day.

     Because failure does not and rather should not put an end  for anything.


·        The reasons for failure would substantially be not performing our work as required in the Above 5 stages;.

       Now here is no doubt, as soon as the exams are over we can easily judge our result.

        Don’t wait for the luck factor to save us( If it helps also, no issue)

        Start preparing as quick as possible without waiting for results to be officially         released.

        Its highly foolish to waste the time interval from exam end till result announcement.


·        If cases are there wherein a student has given his best in everything but success has not blessed him up means:

                                           Please don’t worry for anything and once again get back to your fundas right thinking that it was just a revision exam and that we can give our next best attempt with still more energy and vibration. There  are many successful souls in the history whose failures have helped them make wonders in the years to come.

But this is applicable only for those who have really gave their heart and soul for exams (This only concerned people know)




     Stage 7: Develop Right Balance among Articleship and Academics:


a)The one area where all students are trapped is where they get too much involved in Article ship activities or they are made to get immersed in office work whereby time for studies on a daily basis is at the danger level.


b)Days converting into weeks and then into months and finally a year where a student literally wouldn’t have touched the books at all.


c)Just by attending classes we cant make wonders happen.

Even though institute prescribes correct timings, its not happening at practice.

But we can’t take our life for a ride just by working for principals for their peanuts.


d)Although article ship forms an Incredible part for a C.A. Student, it should not be allowed to consume our Valuable study sessions. In other words, do not be over enthusiastic and carried away by office work and loose concentration.


e)Hardly could we find any Principal who takes interest in the academics part of their students.


 f) It would be helpful if it further properly and Strictly regularizes the rules for Articles, Coaching Classes duration, and Examination Holidays, so that it will reduces hardship prevailing in the students.





             Now friends at last, opinion differs, there is no single rule and method to success.

             But one thing is sure, though eyes are two in number the object is same, rivers

             Many in number but the destination is Ocean, So Methodologies and working    

             Style may differ but the Results are obviously same. So if you find that the                     contents  above sounds nice and able to be implemented, then nothing great than



We have also didn’t perform any analysis as to Whether

a)      to opt for coaching classes or not

b)      to stretch across during late nights or early mornings

c)      to prefer which reference book

because these are all matter of individual perceptions for which no one could give a concrete solution



Also we would like to bring to your knowledge that the entire text is not something foreign to us and these are all very well known to us. The only thing, we are not making use of it. Had we used it great, then there is no chance that the Institute declares results as it declares as of now.



        So its high time friends that we need to wake up and face the situation as it comes.




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