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When asked during an interview how he managed to reach the top as a professional bodybuilder and Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied with a single word, "Drive!" 

He didn't achieve it in a day or two. He was not successful in his first try but he didn't give up hope and his drive for success led him to where he is today. CA Final exams may be tough but you don't need to be lucky to clear them. When people say CA Finals depends a lot on luck, I say " the harder you work the luckier you get ". 

When we say that CA Finals depends on luck a lot we are undermining the hard work put in by our peers who have cleared the exams by flying colors. Let us be more positive towards our approach towards the exams. Let us develop a burning desire within us which keeps reminding us of our ultimate goal i.e. CA. 

Burning desire and a positive mind frame can do wonders. Let us be truthful to ourselves and ask ourselves " were we sufficiently prepared ?"

Once upon a time a young boy there was this young handsome boy, he use to keep dreaming the entire day about something he believed he could do. His family and friends and all others use to consider him mad. One day he decided he will work on his idea practically and started to work on it. He use to stay in his small room and hardly use to come out and keep experimenting something but with all resulting in failures. many months and years passed by. He had tried that same experiment in around 999 ways but with failures. One day his neighbors and friends asked him to quit trying as they thought he could never do it. But he told them, "I have not failed for 999 times but now I know 999 ways of how it cant be made." When he tried the next time , he got it right and invented something new. You know whom I am talking about? I am talking about none other than the person who gave us light, "Thomas Edison". 

He had that burning desire in him and the positive mind frame. Similarly if we don't lose hope with such failures and just consider it as a learning experience and keep that burning desire within us alive, we can surely crack it the next time. 

And all this while I have been saying  "we" and not "you" because even I am one of you. Even I didn't clear in last exam but I didn't fail. I have gained experience about how not to right answers in exam.

Hope you guys have also not FAILED BUT EXPERIENCED.


Chetan Saraf

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