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Dear seniors, colleagues and friends

Greetings to all !!!!

Today, I would like to share with you something that I learnt from myself yesterday ... I know it might sound a bit wierd , but its TRUE!! 

I have not achieved something very gr8 in life as yet, nor am I a qualified CA , still I would like to share with all of u, my exam-preparation strategy that made me clear my CPT and PCC in the very first attempt.

One friend of mine asked me what approach I follow during examz that keeps me fresh and on-the-go. But I didnt know the answer to his question. So, I sat alone for sometime and thought about it. 

Then I summarized my case as follows :- 

     " The best way to study is to follow the Bell shaped Curve. Learn from it. It starts from a low initial point and then slowly rises up to a peak point , coming down again and heads towards the high point again and so on...."

WHAT DOES IT MEAN ?? Well friends, according to me, the study pattern that one should follow is to start with the most easy and shortest topic/chapter first, gaining confidence of being able to rise higher, then paving ur path such that u gain the confidence of being able to master atleast one of the most lengthy chapters of your course and then taking up a comparatively easier chapter to calm down...again taking up a big 1 and then a small one and so on....

Another aspect of studying :-

the mistake that we all commit is that we think that our course comprises of 8 chapters ( or 6/7 , as the case may be)  and forget that we are getting ready not just for our attempt, but for the professional life that will follow it. 

A less common way of dividing your course is by dividing it into groups of similar topics. A group might then consist of inter related chapters. For Eg : studying AS 11 ( which is about FOREX ) with chapters from SFM ( MAFA) like forex Foreign exchange risk management,etc, chapters in DT or IDT ( as the case may be) , FOB and CIF, auditor's responsibilities while checking foreign exchange fluctuations and booking of bills in books, etc 

All I mean to say with is that you will not just GAIN KNOWLEDGE but will be able to analyse the group like "foreign exchange"  from the practical point of view. This shall also help you to score well in examz. ( Will certainly satisfy the CA Instt's want of a "practical approach towards studies" ) 

I follow what I said above while revising my course. But I think with the kind of expectations the Instt has from us, we need to give the papers more "professionally" than "practically".

All the very best for life ahead !!!!

Published by

CA Mallika Chaudhary
(CWA Final and CA)
Category Students   Report

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