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These days CA coaching centres are becoming big business machines! CA Coaching Institutes do very good marketing of their institutions especially through their alumni.So,one must really analyze the centre before joining.

Many students think that without Coaching,success is impossible.

This is a very wrong view.

CA Course has been framed with the objective of working in an office and self-study. Study materials are good and also if there are any inadequacies then a good reference book can be adopted.Coaching in a few subjects or maximum a couple of subjects in which one perceives one is really weak is ok but to have an obsession about attending various Coaching classes would prove detrimental in the long run.

A regular study-plan and revision-plan would make one see success.

There are many reasons why a student opts for CA Coaching,the main reason being Fear.

  • Fear that he or she cannot succeed.
  • Fear that he or she would be left behind and others attending classes would surge ahead with success.(All purely mental illusions).
  • Fear of the complexity and sudden surprises they throw up in the exams(and also the results).As if going to a Coaching centre would dramatically increase their chances for sure-shot success in one-go.

There are other reasons too to go to a Coaching class:

  • To feel really confident and rectify one's weakness in one or two prominent subjects.(This reason seems to be valid)
  • To hang around with friends(Again peer-pressure and waste of own's time) and enjoy oneself.

A proper study-plan includes procuring good reference book/books for the subject before hand and working out the concepts and problems in a systematic manner.

A proper revision-plan includes doing at least 3 revisions per subject,before taking up the exam.

By avoiding tuitions one can avoid wastage of time in commuting and save lot of precious time and energy.Apart from wastage of money,frustrations and fears from other students,etc one gains lot of peace of mind and confidence in oneself to tackle challenges in life.

Tackling the challenges in life is what CA all about.

Wishing all of you best of Luck,


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