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Hello Friends,

I would like to share my technique of Revision with you.

We need to revise the syllabus to increase the retrieval power of our mind. I am very much sure, most of us instead of revising the syllabus, recall the syllabus during the revision time. We are absolutely doing wrong if we are trying to recall the syllabus instead of revising the syllabus because Recall is only the use of memory; it is not the way to make the memory strong.

Only revision has the power to make the memory stronger.

Word Revision itself has its technique.




The right way to revise the syllabus is:


Do every revision in a way as you are reading this first time. Now you will say that it will consume the huge time. But As per my experience the time consumption in 1st revision will be less than the time consumed in 1st reading. Consumption of time will be deficit by frequency of revision you have. I think if you are doing the 3rd revision, a glimpse of the page containing the paragraph under revision is enough to revise the whole wordings of paragraph.

One can never be able to recall the line he read only one time and trying to remembering many times. The image of that line or paragraph in his mind got fade day by day. While anybody can easily recall the line easily he read many times.

So please change your way to revise the syllabus. 

X Do not try to recall the syllabus during the revision. This only waste our time X

X Do not worry about the recall during the revision. This only breaks our confidence X

Believe me you will definitely be able to recall easily in the examination hall, each and every line which you have read during the revision time.

So, Just Have a Revision on the syllabus with a sweet smile.



CA Puneet Garg

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CA. Puneet Garg
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