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Where ever we are, we can find ourselves in a team. When the team members are co-operative, then it will be easy for the team to come up with success. Each one in a team requires support from the other members of the team. Nobody is perfect in this world. An egoless team is a fabulous weapon in the hands of the employers and business men to succeed in commercial world. Each one of a team must aware of the goals and strategy to attain the same. It must be crystal clear in the minds of each member of the team. Let us look into our Ramayan, in which Rama was the leader and he achieved many things but when he comes to battle with Raavanan, Hanuman and even a squirrel were helping him to reach Langa. The lesson to be taken here is everyone in a team will surely have a special ability which others cannot have. The leader must bring out those talents from each members of the team and make the proposed task easier. One way our team members are like Hanuman, I am about to say the power within them. In Ramayan, it was said that the Hanuman did not know about his power. Someone is required to trigger the gun.


Know your team member (KYT):

In a star hotel candidates came for interview, the interviewer thought of interviewing in a different manner. He dropped all the candidates who came for interview in an arena wherein certain bricks were kept in-tact. The door of the arena had been locked. The interviewer had reopened the arena after two hours. He found that the candidates become small teams by themselves. A team was throwing the bricks and catching the same, another team was just keep on discussing with each other and even with other teams, the next team was counting and piling the bricks in the arena and the last team was watching and giving caution to other teams about what to do and what not to do.

The interviewer had started selecting the candidate by seeing their activities. He selected those who were throwing and catching bricks for operations and room service department, those who were discussing with other and even other teams for front office in the hotel and communication activities, those who were counting the bricks for accounts and finance department, and the final team those who were guiding other teams for management activities. The lesson to be taken is care should be taken in selecting team member with right attitude because Attitude defines the Altitude!

Why organization fails in their Goals?

It is happening in almost all the business teams the team members were not co-operative and they sub divide the team into many pieces for as their wish. The outcome will be like what you are seeing below in the picture. It is very sure that the organization who understands the power of team work will support this view and they would have applied these principles in their organization.

Team should be like how we feel about our national integration; there must be a passion in being in the team. Whatever we do with passion, we create fashion in the world. All that we need to do is a very little sacrifice for the sake of our team. Those who are living in our minds as great leaders have sacrificed their personal life to greater extent. Needless to list the name. But that kind of sacrifice is not warranted here. Just patience when others eat your mind.

Being a member, when you are not given with importance in the team, don’t be sad, you continue with your effort. Adolf Hitler said, Failure is when you don’t come up again! Put your effort in your way to reach the destination, it will be followed by recognition. Start sacrificing things for others and enjoy the satisfaction out of it. It is really a tough job but the highest satisfaction you can get. We may just borrow the words of Jesus that when you are beaten in one side of your cheek, show the other one. You can say that these sayings and philosophies are not workable for the modern era. That is not true, because he may beat the other one also, but the pain which he is going to carry from that moment, will kill him till he lives.

Always allow the credit to the person in the team who contributed for the success of the team. Both boss and leader should have proper and gentle firing habits. Praise the team when they come out with solution and don’t blame when they got failed in the work. Remember the golden words “Don’t blame the darkness, lit a candle”

It is very easy for us to make other to understand by way of pictorial presentation. Even I follow the same in most of the time, in that way by showing the following picture; I asked to one of my colleague that “what you have understood from the picture?” He replied immediately. “Two donkeys should not work together”. That was fun, but everybody must intake the real message in the picture.

In present days, the team sprits are being buried in depth under egoistic environment. Right from PM of the country to the last man in the country has ego. Ego must be there for each and every human being in their ability and god has given for that purpose alone. When you fired by your boss or leader who ever superior or subordinate for your wrongful doing, be patience for a while and rethink and don’t leave the pain which you got from such firing, but make it as fuel to your subsequent step in growing, surely you will reach the milky way of success. Just think and thank the one who fired at you for your success. Whenever you get firing remember your almighty wants to trigger yourself further up. When you become alright he will not do it. He will appear in you to trigger others. “Without him nothing will move in this world” At last, “A leader’s duty is to create a leader and not a follower.”


Come of my dear friends let us win the world together!

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