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A qualified CS can either be employed by a company or can start his/her own practice. A company secretary starting his/her own practice requires a Certificate from The Institute of Company Secretary India (ICSI). Students who manage to complete the entire course automatically become eligible to take up jobs in private or public sectors or can even start their own practice as an independent professional.

The Company Secretary works as an in-house legal advocate as well as a compliance officer to advise the board and the various functional departments of the company. A CS plays an important role in ensuring that the Board procedures are updated and reviewed on a regular basis. He/she is a link between the company and its Board of Directors, stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

The entire program for the Company secretary course is run by ICSI. Right from preparing the syllabus to conducting the examinations, every little aspect of the entire course is controlled by ICSI. This organization was built in 1980 under the Indian Parliament act. Candidates, aspiring to become company secretaries have to be registered with ICSI. It’s a multidisciplinary profession; hence qualified candidates can expect to get employed in a wide range of sectors like corporate governance and secretarial services, financial markets like Banks, Brokerage Firms, Advisory services and also management related services.

The duration of the foundation program is 8 months excluding the examination and the months of admission. The registration of this foundation program is valid up to 3 years from the month of his/her application, complete in all respects, is accepted for registration or for 6 attempts whichever is sooner. Candidates, who are not able to clear in the given time frame or could not clear in all 6 attempts, can register again with ICSI after the required fees are paid.

Earlier this profession was mainly preferred for the women population, but that’s not the case anymore and men equally compete in the race of acquiring a career in this profile. The job responsibilities of a company secretary do not correspond to the real meaning of its name. But in reality, it is the managerial kind of a role, incorporating all the discourse and interaction with the trustee and the board of directors of the company.

A company secretary is one of the most important positions in any business and there are many skills required to be successful in this area of the business. This position requires action, commitment, and extensive corporate knowledge. In order to be an outstanding secretary you need to possess these qualities. This profile is highly sought after by established corporate. It is advisable to learn the ordinances of this job and practice the art of management before looking for an opportunity.

We always tend to find out the prospect of a job before making it our career path. There is a vast demand for company secretary in top-notch fields of occupation. New stations are being designed and developed for this profile every day. The place of company secretary in the corporate firms increases, with the improvement of business. Completion of all the levels of this education program makes a student eligible for lucrative job opportunities in India and abroad.

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