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Dear Friends

Failures means lack of determination to raise when failed. In my opinion that is the true failure.

If you are having the capacity to raise again from the ashes like phoenix than you are not a failed candidate, you are an achiever and truly a leader.

This is my first motivating article as I thought of contributing to this commuity with my sincere thoughts. I am proud that TAJ PALACE, Mumbai is again back in business. It will open its heritage wing on 15th of August.  It shows that we have the capacity to raise from ashes if we think that we can do and if we are determined enough to do.

Although it took 2 long years for such hotel to become fully functional. But at the end of the day we are back again. Similarly It may take time to become a fully functional CA but mark that it doesn't mean we are  failed candidates. Remember a thought   " Whatever is happening,it is happening for our good only"  . So friends when everything is happening for our good only then why are we sad ?

We should understand our strengths and start working on that whole heartedly. Jot down your priorities. Spend some time on your hobbies. Just remember an example "Agar sachin ke papa unhe singing seekhne bolte to kya vo aaj ek bada cricketer ban paata".  This is a line from 3 idiots. So understand your strengths. It does not mean  that you must change your existing paths of becoming a CA and choose another profession. It means that work in a different way. Work accoding to your thoughts and strengths whic makes u happy.

For example- If u are a good speaker then tell to everyone in your group that what you have studied and explain them concepts. If you are a good listener then call your friends who know the subject and ask them to explain concepts.

So my request is to understand your strengths.Make your aim to increase your knowledge and thinking power. Work on that. Ask "WHY" to every aspect which you are going through while studying and try to find answer for that "WHY".

At the end I conclude by saying that  do all the good things which make you happy to achieve your objective depending on your strengths.




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