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Paper 2: Law, Ethics & Communication

Also refer the Amendment in Nego Act

On 3rd May

Evening – Small Acts like – POBA, POGA & EPF (Along with its RTP)

On 4th May

Pre Lunch

Ethics, Communication & Negotiable Instruments

Post Lunch

Companies Act (Approx 6hrs)

Late Evening

50% of Contract Act

On 5th May (Exam Day)

Early Morning – 50% of Contract Act

Remaining Questions of RTP & Recent Mock Papers

Paper 3: Costing / FM

On 5th May

Evening – Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Ratios, TVM & Leverage (Along with its RTP)

On 6th May –

Pre Lunch

Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, Working Capital, Debtors & Cash Mgmt, Capital Budgeting

Post Lunch

Operating Costing, Material, Labour, OH, Non – Integrated, Reco, Contract, Process Costing

Late Night

Standard , Marginal Costing & Budgets

On 7th May – (Exam Day)

Theory of Costing & FM, Remaining Questions of RTP & Recent Mock Papers

Paper 4: Taxation

Also refer the Amendment in DT & IDT & Lecture on ICDS

On 7th May

Evening – IDT Except Service Tax & CENVAT (Along with its RTP)

On 8th May –

Pre Lunch

Service Tax, CENVAT,


Post Lunch

PGBP, CG, IFOS & Deductions

& other small chapters of DT (by viewing lectures on Youtube & Amendments)

Late Night

Sums of Computation of GTI & RTP Questions

On 9th May – (Exam Day)

Remaining Questions of RTP & Recent Mock Papers

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting

On 9th May

Banking, Insurance, ESOP, Buyback, Underwriters & Any 2 AS

(Along with its RTP)

On 10th May –

Pre Lunch

Liquidation, Department, Branch, Redemptions & 2 AS

Post Lunch

Partnership A/cs (3hrs), Amalgamation of Cos.

Late Night

Remaining AS

On 11th May – (Exam Day)

Remaining Questions of RTP & Recent Mock Papers

Paper 6: Auditing & Assurance

On 11th May

Vouching , Verification, Special Audits (with PM Questions)

On 12th May –

Pre Lunch

Company Audit I & II, Internal Control (2hrs)

Post Lunch

Nature of Audit, Basic Concepts & Preparation for Audit

Late Night

Standards of Audit (Special Attention to SA-250,330,501,505)

On 13th May – (Exam Day)

Remaining Questions of RTP & Recent Mock Papers

Paper 7: IT / SM

On 13th May

Flow Charts, Chapter 1 & 2 of IT (Along with its RTP)

On 14th May –

Pre Lunch

Chapter 4 & 5 of IT, Chapter 1,2 & 3 of SM

Post Lunch

Chapter 4,5,6,7 of SM

Late Night

Chapter 3 of IT

On 15th May – (Exam Day)

Distinguish between…., Important Terms, Remaining Questions of RTP of Nov.2015 attempt & May 2016 attempt & Recent Mock Papers

The above study pattern is a Suggestive One. It is totally at the Students Discretion whether to follow it or not.

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