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Dear Students,

As a CA student what is our main object? To qualify and become the member of ICAI.  As students you have all the skills. Some skills were already with you while as some others need to be developed by your constant practice.

Do remember that the course is not so difficult to crack; an average student also can clear the CA exam. Thus, you need not to be a super genius to become CA.


This is a very critical factor for the ultimate goal of Success. So you have a self interest towards this premier course along with a good ambition too.

If you select the course own your interest, you can easily become a good and successful CA. On the other hand if you choice the course on the basis of your parents interest or you had joined the course because your friends are joining the course, or you don’t have any other option so joined the CA course will either find difficulties for clearing the exam or they will be a failure professional too.

Just think before join the course that you are really interested to the CA course. Otherwise joining the CA course shall be waste of resource like money and the precious resource of time too.


This is an other factor for success .Set a high but achievable target which will maximize and optimize all your inherent talent and effort. Care must be taken while setting a goal. Firstly it is achievable maximum goal.

A wrong goal will prove disaster to an average student and a super genius too. Set the goal according to your own ability and such goal is called achievable goal. If you are wrong in this, then will be a failure. You are new to the course and may be ignorant too. But you should ascertain the depth of the CA and set a right goal.


This is a third factor for your success. Sacrifice your comfort zone for achievement of above goals. Identify your sleeping talent and waking them up. In addition to this you need to strengthen the weakness. Mentally imagine the toughest level of the CA course and channelize your effort towards the accomplishment of your goal. In Short link with the goal and start working hard and smart too.

Basic and concepts

By touching the basics and conceptual aspect you can become a master. So, becoming master in the subject is not so difficult. Basics and concepts are foundation and if this foundation is weak, then you will never ever going achieve your goal. Start with the basic before you start doing the expert level. If you are new in a subject better you need to acquire a good basic knowledge. If you have a clear idea with the basic then learning in the expert level will be easy.

Example: - If you are a non commerce student and joining the CA CPT, first you must be familiar with the basic concepts of accountancy. Better be master with the basic concepts and start preparing the CPT course.

Developing and balancing your analytical and conceptual ability

The syllabus in the CA course requires both the above skills. Some students were good enough in any of the one skill and weaker in others. If you are weaker in any one of the above indicate that the poor knowledge of Basics and concepts.  But for qualifying the CA course you must strengthener the weaker part

Example: - Some may be weak in Cost and FM or MAFA indicate poor analytical skills. Here you may be weak in the mathematical paper in your schooling life. You need to understand the concept and solve the problem by applying the logic of the concepts. You can go for a good coaching for the weaker subject.


 All the best

Vivek M

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