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10 Tips to study smart and effectively!

By: Amar Sharma


As you all know there is a little time remaining for the IPCC/PCC Nov 2010 examinations, I thought to share some tips and tricks about studying smart.

1. To learn and understand is the motto: Many of us prepare notes, but all those notes written or downloaded would amount to zero till the time you don’t grasp & understand the topic. The point is “It’s all in your head” writing notes is a good thing but don’t do it just for the sake of preparing notes. If you understand a topic well, you need not write it down.

2. Visualize: Draw pictures/models of any concept which you are studying. It needs not to be well built or perfect, just a rough model to help you understand things, to relate to it so that it becomes easy to recall.

3. Don’t force it in: Don’t study too much just before the exams. Forcing information during the last few days could be harmful. Try to link new topics to the ones you have already studied, so that it works as a recap rather than a first attempt at learning.

4. Having a good base: The more you will read the better you will recall. In short there is no shortcut to good marks!

5. Pattern in Information: Try to find patterns in whatever you are reading, this will help you in linking topics with similar patterns.

6. Test your capacity to switch over: Try to recall/write on a paper whatever you have learned in a chapter and try to quickly move to different sub-topics of the chapter. . Or even try to recall the points of other chapters simultaneously . . . this will ensure that you won’t get confused or tensed when questions from all different chapters show up in exams. . You will be able to handle it effectively.

7. Leave no spaces: When you are reading/learning a topic, make sure that you link each sub-topic to one-another. If you leave something in between, it may hamper your answers in exams as you may not be able to recall it.

8. Teach it: After reading a topic .find someone who needs help on that topic and teach it to him. This will save you an hour of revision as the concepts would become more proper and strong.

9. Use your senses: When you study, keep your mind, eyes, ears open . . . whatever you are studying, connect that topic to pictures or anything you wish too. No matter even if you come up with something illogical or funny. . It will definitely help you to remember it for a long, long time. This is a tried and tested method.

10. Believe in yourself: Never lose hope and confidence. You were the best and you will be the best!

Keep Smiling  - - - - - > Amar Sharma!

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Amar Kumar
(CA Final , Intern )
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