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As the exams are coming nearer by nearer, a feeling of fear is increasing in my mind what will be happen this time, the feeling is not for pass or fail. But the feeling is would I go further to purchase new books for my next group or I will have to read these old books again? Oh no this feeling is so dangerous, Like kisi bhoot se kam nahi yaar. How can this happen?  Only for 2-3 marks the punishment is so big that I will have to study old books again and again. This ICAI should give two three marks extra yr. Two three marks se ky ahota hai. This ICAI can’t be so rude for its students.

But we are not students. Oh, what I am saying !! Obviously we are students that’s why we are doing studies and giving exams.  NOOOO, friends… we are not just students. We will be examiner in future who will check the mistakes of other people then how can ICAI treat us as students. If we will do mistakes then how will we check mistakes of other people (errors/ frauds at the time of conducting audit). We  have to check and give advices on other people mistakes that how should they correct their mistakes. How can they remove errors or frauds in their accounting or overall management system.We  have to be a financial adviser who can give advice to the clients for financial planning that how he can do great in his finances. We  have to  guide our client in commencing his new project that where and how can he start his project to avoid complexities. We have to write a book in which we will give tough examples so that forth coming students can clear the exams in first attempt.We  have to be  ICAI  examiner who can find out every little and little mistake in answer sheets.We  have to build our new firm with which we can prepare or audit the balance sheets of companies. Don’t think that I didn’t describe regarding ITRs vo to already kar hi rhe hai…. 

Then think friends Itna sab kuch krna hai to ICAI kibhi to responsibility bnti hai k vo bhi kuch help kre. If ICAI will not conduct so type of tough exams and tough marks system that to get 1 mark is so tough then how will we give our best in doing all these things. How will weguide clients for new financial projects How will we write book how will we build our new firm. ICAI is already doing its part. Now it’s our turn to play our part with dignity. It’s us who have to move further. It’s us who have to show their brilliant brain in front of the world. It’s us who have to show that we are not weak or average in studies. We have not to cry for 1 or 2 marks. We can get, easily get marks by doing just studies and studies.

Don’t forget that we are the students of ICAI,The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India a national professional accounting body of India for the regulation of the profession of Chartered Accountants in India.  ICAI has achieved recognition as a premier accounting body not only in the country but also globally, for its contribution in the fields of education, professional development, maintenance of high accounting, auditing and ethical standards. ICAI is the only licensing cum regulating body of the financial audit and accountancy profession in India and It works closely with the Government of India, RBI and SEBI in formulating and enforcing such standards. Members of the Institute are known as Chartered Accountants. Only a member of ICAI can be appointed as statutory auditor of an Indian company under the Companies Act, 2013. 

ICAI is one of the founder members of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA), and Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA). The government also takes the suggestions of ICAI as expert advice and considers it favorably. ICAI presented an approach paper on issues in implementing Goods and Service Tax in India to the Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Finance has suggested that ICAI take a lead and help the government in implementing Goods and Services Tax (GST). It has been designated by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Azad as a "Partner in Nation Building".

The motto of the ICAI is YaAeshuSuptaeshuJagruti [Sanskrit]. The motto literally means "a person who is awake in those that sleep". It is a quotation from the Upanishads (Kathopanishad). It was given to the ICAI at the time of its formation in 1949 by Sri Aurobindo as a part of its emblem.

This is our institute where we study. Now think what role we have to play to prove us. It will not be an ordinary role. A big platform is waiting ahead for us where we have to go and play our part.ICAI gives a statutory monopoly to Chartered Accountants in audit of financial statements under the Companies Act, 2013, Income Tax Act, 1961 and various other statutes in India.Financial statements audited by a chartered accountant are presumed to have been prepared according to GAAP in India. However, not all Chartered Accountants work in audit. Apart from the field of professional practice, many CAs work in the industry and commerce in financial and general management positions such as CFO and CEO.They  provide varied business services. Their areas of expertise include Financial Reporting, Auditing and Assurance, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Fund Management, Credit Analysis, CapitalMarkets, Arbitration, Risk Management, Economics, Strategic Management,  Management Accounting, Information Systems Audit, Corporate Law, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax and valuation of businesses.

So friends, we have to move on in our studies to fulfill the expectations of ICAI, our parents, our society and our country. We have also two months left with us which means 60 days means 1440 hours. Yes, of course we can’t study for 24 hours in a day but we can study for so many hours so that we can achieve our target and we all know what the target is?

Keep going on in your studies, success will be yours.


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