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We get up in the morning to see the news paper headlines “Sugar prices up, gold prices up, gas subsidy to 6 cylinders, “etc. This affects all of us. The students also feel bad when see all this and think oh! Had I been earning it would have been good. A good thought indeed. But please remember that Arjun was successful in hitting the eye of the bird as he saw only eye of the bird and all his brothers saw everything else. Arjun was one and only one. Students should think of becoming Arjun.

Whatever Courses you have taken up are being taught to you at different levels by different teachers and supplemented by add on courses. Concentrate on that, score good marks and walk away with a certificate that gives you sense of pride. Please understand that if you score good marks then nobody can deprive you from good jobs. Concentration to studies is very essential. Do not involve yourself in gossip, rumors and unnecessary matters. Study hard and crack the code. Knowledge is power. People can take your money but not your knowledge.

When you graduate the primary aim should be to get a good job and decent salary.  This will help you to understand the world and corporate life. All jobs are good and all people are good if you are good. Politics in corporate life is very common and prepare yourself to handle that. Do not think a Rs.9500 job is not good job and wait for Rs.12000 job.  For example, you get the offer in July 2013 with salary of Rs.9500. Till March you will earn 9 months' salary = Rs.9500*9 = Rs.85500. But if you refuse and wait till January 2014 to take Rs.1200, you will earn 12000*4 = Rs.48000. Arjun succeeded because he had an aim. Have an aim.

Some of the things I will like to state is that:

1. Join add on courses if you feel they help.

2. Add knowledge by reading papers and business channels.

3. Believe in yourself.

4. Tackle all problems in life with patience.

5. Approach your Seniors to find what they are doing.

6. Know the conditions of the market and be optimistic.

7. Honest decisions help. If you feel some changes are needed then do it.

8. Allow parents to be your friends and not hide anything from them.

9. Involve in good things and do not take short cuts.

10. Not to play politics at any place.

11. Jack of all and master of none should be avoided. Master one subject.

12. Attitude to work hard should be there. Do not believe you are labourer. If you join corporate there is time to enter but no time to exit. It is Tiger’s Den.

13. Accept the responsibilities. Do not run away from them.

14. Never trust your own shadow.

All bold letters =  JAB TAK HAIN JAAN

Please understand it is your life. Let people remember you as nice person and let you get all necessary things at right times. Life is bed of roses and roses have thorns. Difficulties will come and prepare yourself for it. 

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