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Stress Busters During Upcoming Exams

CA Mansi Kotadia , Last updated: 01 November 2012  

On a crucial time when CA Exams are approaching it's highly recommended to all students appearing the exams to be relieved from stress.

As two sides of coins Stress can make us study more harder under exam pressure however it is the only reason that result into Pressure of Performance and Anxiety as well.

The following few stress busters that can help you get through it with much greater ease—and likely more success!

1) Be Organised: (Few days before exam) Start with arranging and keeping your books subject wise. Do ensure all the material that you had referred during the preparation time is kept along with the individual subject appropriately. Now when the exam starts and one by one papers are dealt with properly keep aside the individual subject whose exams are already done. Trust me it gives great relief to see the burden of entire subject stepping aside from other course.

2) Study Smarter: (Few days before and even during exams) ICAI has always Laid it's success formula for exams within RTP, Past exam paper and Practise Manuals. Be smart instead of practising all new and undone sums and theory question during Last Minute Revision (LMR) and reading holiday try and be perfectionist in the avenue that is known to you since long. It's proven in Human Physiology that more and more times a matter is been read and processed by a human brain more and more clarity to it is obtained. So avoid undone and Redo already done.

3) Visualize Success: (During Exam Preparation) A greater way to remove your exam stress and regain your self confidence is to visualize yourself fulfilling goals set by you. Detailed visualizations can help you feel like you’re really experiencing something, and visualizing yourself doing well is a way to ‘practice’ success in a way that can actually help you perform better. A very nice quote in "In order to succeed in life be sure what do you want and how to achieve it."

4) Understand Your Body Cycle: (During Exam days) It's Scientifically proven that every human being runs on basis of a individual Scientific Clock. According to it he/she feel fresh at some part of day however sleepy, Bored or disinterested on other. It tends to differ amongst all. Understand your Peak Performance Time try to read as much as possible during those hours it's like reaping more fruits by doing bare minimum hard work.

5) Eat Healthy and Rest Well: (During Exam Days) Do ensure that you are on light diet during exam days especially on such odd exam timings. More the brain is anxious and stressed more it tends to eat so be watchful of your eating during exams. One of the simplest way to avoid overeating is to Rest well and provide the well needed rest to your brain during exam. Trust me the Essential sleeping hours not only makes you refreshed and prep for the next day but it also ensure you mental sharpness in the further activity of reading compared to a mental state of sleep deprived brain.

6) Take A Well Deserved Break: (During Exam Days) Many times even after trying all stress busters still if you feel that the exam anxiety has not left you take your best buddy (your mobile of course) with you set a alarm of 5 or 7 minutes close your books and take a small walk (More preferably be near to nature) in grass or around trees etc. Take a break either it be of walk, nap or music but No TV (No and Never TV Breaks during exams it's a Idiot Box which will never let you leave itself so avoid Flickering Channels during study breaks) be sure you return back to reading in due time more appropriately even before alarm strikes.

7) Make the list of Activity you want to Undertake after Exams: (During Preparation and LMR) The only thing quite exciting before the exam days are planning for the activities to be done after the exams. Make a habit to note down all your such desirable activities you are willing to undertake once exams are over (Keep it a note of it and keep it updating every time you get a new idea of enjoying your exam free time) It's really Fun and Refreshing to Read and Update the list of Desires. Eventually, not only you are getting your desires in writing but indirectly your are collecting such fun thoughts to a special corner of your mind which will be well tackled once exams are over which currently saves your mind and time preoccupied by it's further planning.

For any further discussion do feel free to contact me at mansikotadia@gmail.com Concluding it Here for now let's just remember a very smart quote by 16th President of United States Mr. Abraham Lincoln "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe."

All The Very Best For Upcoming Exams.

ACA Mansi Kotadia

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