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It depends a lot on when you are reading the answer. If only some days are left for your attempt and you are done with your Audit Classes, then you needn’t go forward with the answer just follow what your teacher told.

If you are still reading the answer that means that there is enough time left before your attempt


Strategy for CA Intermediate Audit

Should I do Classes for Audit?

Yes, you must do the classes to gain concept clarity and for overall subject knowledge.

Which book should I refer to?

If the teacher from which you took classes provided a reference book, just use the same book different books just create confusion. If you’re doing self or your teacher just referred module, you should study only from the ICAI module as ICAI makes the full paper from Module only.


How much syllabus should I cover?

If your target is not to score AIR, you should go for selective study in Theory subject in Inter especially for P2 and P6 where the syllabus is too vast. Just do your little research of recent ICAI papers you will be able to find some repetitive questions from some big chapters which ICAI asks nearly every 2nd attempt. Like CH.9/12/13 are too vast but only limited no. of questions that ICAI asks every time.


Should I mug up or go for concept clarity?

Going for conceptual clarity is always best here also, but keep in mind there are several Technical words and phrases for which ICAI doesn't allow any alternative, other than that you can use your language.

How many revisions should I do?

This is also subjective but you should try to do 2-3 revisions because it's easy to muggle theory once but hard to retain, and even harder to recall at exam hall when you haven't revised properly.

Rest assured if you follow the above-mentioned points you will be able to secure good marks and pass your exam in the coming attempt with flying colors, my good wishes are with you.

Thank you for reading. :)


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