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This is a general question of almost all the students who are going to appear in May 2019 for their CA Final attempt. Whether you are giving your 1st attempt or any 'n' number of attempts, I assure, reading this article, will make you immensely satisfied and wake you up!

Article is divided in to 2 parts, viz. Strategy & Do's / Don'ts

If someone has their own pre-defined strategy, directly skip to the Do's/Don'ts

[I] STRATEGY: Starting from now, every student has 6 months before their attempt. Strategy is to complete each sub 3 times and write 2 papers. And yes, that is easily possible. Here we go!

Before you start, get into a faculty's character (any of your favourites). When you study any concept/topic, teach yourself, explain yourself, louder & clear.

1st time completion:

To do: Complete 1 subject in 15-18 days.
Goal: Understand each concept very carefully. To complete Practice manual, Study material practical and your classes/reference book.

Create as many doubts as possible & get those solved during this stage. That is the main goal. Eliminate common Q (Delete them) in PM/SM & Reference book.

2nd time completion:
To do: Complete 1 subject in 5-7 days.


i) Give grading viz.

A category- Toughest and the most unique Q ('Hatke' questions, found in PM especially)
B category- Medium level
C category- Questions based on basic concepts or formulas & easily doable

ii) Prepare handwritten notes for Subjects: SFM, DT & AMA. Notes should consist of Formulas, important/unique points of any question(which you donot recall easily).

3rd time completion:
To do: Compete 1 subject in 1.5-2 days & write 1 or 2 papers per subject. (Best papers to write: MTP issued by ICAI)

HOW TO FINISH IN 1.5-2 days? Before starting any chapter, recall as much as possible. Stand in front of mirror and start teaching yourself about that chapter. This will not take more than 5-10 minutes per chapter. Next step is to read your handwritten notes. And lastly, do only A & B category questions. Ignore C Category because they are already covered in your handwritten notes and well built in your memory.

[II] Do's & Don'ts


- Remove yourself from social media. Use email to communicate (Yea, old school stuff)

- If you are into any business or a job, take a break from that.

Why? Job & business, even if related to CA profession, may divert you easily and you may not be able to 'recall' what you've learnt. Complete detachment from job & business.

- A bit extreme: Remove SIM card when you start your 2nd time revision. Use your house or parent's phone, by that way, you can limit yourself to spend quality time with only quality people, as you will limit your calls.

- Use your phone only for listening to music. MUSIC IS MUST.

- Only way to focus is not to focus. That is, don't think before you start studying. Just take the book & start studying.

- If you keep social media stuff, DONOT SEE THE messages/notifications just before you are starting to study. Keep those things to be checked when you are about to sleep.

- Stay away from Explicit web content. Funny, Yea? But true. Do not become a slave to such stuff, which majority have already become!

- Never write a paper before you complete each sub twice.

- Never carry a book at the exam center. Chill & relax.


- EXERCISE/SPORTS/DANCE/SINGING or any such PHYSICAL activity on daily basis. And during last 3 months make it alternate day.

Why? These things create dopamine in your brain (which is great), cleanse your mind from study toxics.

- MANDATORY: Eat healthy food.

- Talk to your best friend or such a person- Atleast once in a day. MUST. You will feel very very satisfied and energetic for the next day.

- Never look at the clock. Infact, remove clock from your room. Stop watching time. Trust me, your output will immensely multiply.

- Have problems waking up? Ask your mom or sibling to wake you up, telling you it is 10 am although in real it would be 8 am. Fool yourself. Effective!

- RECALL RECALL RECALL. In break or wherever possible, recall what you studied yesterday. Get into a character of faculty, and start reciting without seeing the book. Explain yourself, the best way to learn & remember permanently.

- SOLVE doubts of your friends. Through this you will gain confidence & your concept will be revised 1 additional time.

- NEVER ever think about the exam day. No fears. Be satisfied with your Today's work, that's important- carpe diem.


Published by

Chirag Singhal
(Finance Professional)
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