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Ya at times we may end up in the midst of life's many may be in any form, it may be creative deadlock or anything similar, the feeling of breaking the shackles and setting ourselves free always haunts us, but we are unable to do anything, because we are so used to living our lives a particular way that any change is unacceptable (maine ek baar commitment kardi ,phir mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta) or may be we just don't pay heed to what are heart has been shouting out loud since so long, we don't even look at where we are where can we go.

Starting from scratch, starting it all over again. Ya that's business process reengineering for all of us. I have always liked this concept  from strategic management because it has positivity in it, and its all about standing up all over again, and it has always fascinated me, maybe because I truly like optimism. Giving up is never an option. What business process reengineering basically talks about is total destruction and rethinking of a business process in its entirely, unconstrained by its existing structure and pattern. The same concept can be applied to we humans, infact business is somehow like us(please don't laugh at me for, but ya business is interacting ,evolving, growing...ageing like we humans do.....its living and constantly learning from everyone around (its environment), just like we do, ya that's why a Company is said to be separate legal entity, and the concept of perpetual succession came into existence. So coming to the point, how business process reengineering can be applied to our lives. We can truly use this concept when things are not going well and everything we have done so far didn't give us the desired results, that's when business process reengineering  (BPR) comes to rescue, its almost like going for a makeover (lol).

Starting All Over Starting from scratch..............its simply about forgetting about what you have done so far, its about deciding how it can be best done focuses on present that's in your own hands .....The best part about this concept is that you have start afresh, you cant look back or else it will influence your present decisions, you have to give it a new beginning, with a new thinking., a fresh approach towards life. It does not concerns about improvement, enhancement, modification, its simply reinvention, new mind set, new way of doing things, new thought process as it aims at achieving dramatic improvement. I think we all apply this concept sometimes or somewhere in are lives without even knowing that is BPR concept. It wont be wrong to say either that BPR has been derived from are own lives experiences.

So, here is how to go about it.

1) Set an objective the target - Ya the most important thing in life is to have a goal, find answers to this question  where I want to go? Where I want to see myself? Think about your goals all over again, its the best way to know what your heart has to say because most of the time we just ignore it and follow our lives and where it leads us. I have always believed that once you have the goals with you, there is no stopping you.

2) What you want from your life - Here comes your dreams, whatever dreams you have will act as a motivation for you to work towards achieving it, dreaming is very important.

3) Find answers to all your whys - Clarity is very important to take crucial decisions and for planning so just get a clear view of your thoughts and understand and search for answers to all your whys.

4) Formulate a plan - Yup the plan, though I have always hated planning in everything to be true, but I was the first one in my family to plan for a holiday to some new place that I had never been before making packing lists, choosing destination, everything, it always excited me. Similarly life is one big holiday, you meet people, you learn from them, there are obstacles you have to face. Its truly a journey, full of excitement and thrill. So plan it your own way, enjoy the process. Planning is always the most important part because that decides where it will lead you. So plan with a clear mind. BPR is all about  reinvention after all.

5) Implementing - The implementation part can be bit tricky, but its easier compared to planning, once the plans are ready, implement it and look forward to achieving your dreams.

At the end I think its about never giving up, we can find many examples around us, people who have fought all odds, who had to start it all over again from scratch but they never gave up and ya they succeeded and won the battle called life. BPR is a very simple concept but its very useful when you need a new beginning and dramatic improvement from where you stand now.

So friends just open your heart and follow where it leads you, start afresh with a new approach towards life, new thoughts, ideas and ya a new you.

Thanks for reading my write up.

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