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Who does not like spoon feeding? Who does not like readymade things?

Do we care to create things or the things get created independently?

Spoon Feeding is liked by everyone even if we are adults.

Generally readymade things are provided to children so that they can survive easily.

Every parent has one thing in their mind that I want to give all to my child/children which I had not received in my childhood. No doubt this is the greatest thing, is it mean that you wanna make your child all dependent on you or on any other one for the whole life? Obviously not, but this will be made it tougher for them later.

This topic is more relevant for the CA Course. As more you will do it at yourself, the earlier you will pass the exams. Self Study and Self Motivation is the key to success.

Every time during exams, we have craving that it would be so easy and amazing if I get the notes from somewhere. It will be useful for one time, but next time you will have to do it at yourself if you want to clear it. If you do not want a next time, do it at proper time by yourself.

Do not get a shelter from anyone, not even from your parents.

Take an advice and guidance from everyone but make your own decisions.

It is not necessary to take always correct decisions, but it is necessary to convert all your taken decisions in a correct one.

Life is a journey and we all have to choose our own path to reach at the destination.

Be a gardener of your life, water it regularly but let the flower grow itself.

Birds are the best examples of it. On a birth of a bird it is in the shelter of it's mother. However, as and when it learns to fly by itself, the bird starts to fly and it's mother never tries to stop it. The interesting thing is the baby bird will come to the nest at the end of the day !! That's the beauty of independency.

Give or take that much independency that the independent person will come or go to the person who have given them a chance to be independent !!

Be free and learn to give freedom. To work independently is easy, but to give independency is tough one.

Learn from others, but create your own experiences.

Many students have a complain that every coaching classes are the same and they do not give us all what we want. They give us the guidance and that should be used by us in a proper and independent way to create a history. In my case during my final study my coaching classes had given me just 26 examples of "Derivatives" in SFM and my friends had more than 100 examples for the same chapter in their material. I got more than 60 marks because my teacher had taught me to learn the concepts in such a way that I can do any sum independently.

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." - Galileo

The best teachers do not give you answers directly, but they will give you chance to choose your own option and in a correct way. They will make you independent.

Independent work is a long process but that longer process will make you more powerful and stronger in a small era of your life.

I have read it somewhere that read any number of stories, but write your own.

One thing is also true that no one can reach at the top without the help of others, that help should not be converted in a way that will make you lazy. One thing I want to clearly say here is that "Help" and "Spoon Feeding" both are different things. There is nothing wrong to take or give the help, but it should not make you dependent all the time.

Religious books have also said that either God will help you or will teach you how to help yourself. Even if in "Geeta" Lord Krishna had taught to think independently to Arjun. Whether it is a war or life, conclusion should be come out of your own way and not as per other's opinion or decisions.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. - Chinese Proverb


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Snehal N. Tanna
(Chartered Accountant)
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