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Hi All, I posted this as a reply to someone’s question, thought might be useful for all.

I am no expert but would like to share my experiences relating to the campus process.

Process Related:


1.       Choose your target Companies carefully:  Out of whatever companies have short list you, decide which are the ones you want to really get into and focus on those companies.


2.       Read Job Description carefully: Read the role carefully and then decide if you want to do it. Don’t not get influenced just by the title they offer you.


3.       Wait till end: Don’t be in a hurry to choose your companies, do the shortlist from your side at the end, so that you are not locked into less favourable options.


4.       Have one ‘Easy Target’: This is a bit of downside protection. Out of the companies you decide to interview with have one ‘easy target’. What I mean by easy target is a company who is having a lot of positions to fill up though it may likely be having a moderate package, still have it as part of your choices, in case things go wrong with other companies you can fall back on the easy target option.


5.       Decide for yourself: Don’t get influenced by what your friends decide, do what you feel is right for you not what seems right to everyone else.



Interview days:


1.       Don’t Panic: Needless to say – Do not panic. You are same as everyone else and your scores etc do not matter once the Company has short-listed you. So you have an equal chance as everyone else.


2.       Research the Companies well: Whatever companies you have decided to interview with, research about them, what they do, what are the key products check their web site – All basic stuff.


3.       Understand the role well: If you read the job description well you can guess what kind of questions you could expect.


4.       Brush up concepts: This is especially true if you cleared one group earlier. You may have started to forget a few key concepts, for example if you cleared your Accounting paper in last attempt, they still expect you to know Accounting Standards, so read up.


5.       Expect a Group discussion: There might be a group discussion at the campus by some companies, make sure you are prepared for it and are not caught by surprise.


6.       Basics: Don’t forget the basics, dress up well, get your CV read by 2-3 people, check for spell and grammar, keep a lot of copies for your cv etc   




7.       Keep your eyes and ears open: Sometimes some companies accept CVs at the campus also, whom they might want to interview later, If any of the companies you are interested into does so – make sure they get your CV .


Feedback welcome.

All the best!

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