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The difference between success and failure is only one step, and the difference between sorrows and happy is one moment This is one of the most remarkable point you have taken in to the consideration
Once you fail you need to think that you are just one step behind Failure is the stepping stone to the success Once you join the course and sign the form for joining ,you had signed a contract of commitment
Change over time
When you join the CA course you will be totally blank Where to start and how to study You may be not know about the syllabi also If you are come through CPT stage, this type of situation is most common You just experienced your school level learning only
CA enviourment is a professional enviourment You may find difficult to adapt the situation some time This time is called change over time Every subject may be difficult in this stage You may be think that perhaps you going the coaching every thing will be right You may be just have one year of time for exam(After 10 months from the date of registeration)
What you required to do after registering the course is buy best and good books available of the authors for all the subject This you need to do the moment you receiving the study  material
Start well during the beginning stages of study You need to build up a study track of your ownfind more time for study so gradually you will be the study track
Peculiarity of the subject
There are theoretical and practical subject There are both group which will contain a combination of practical and theory papers Give due importance for both theory and practical aspect
Approach to practical problems
Accounts require good fundamental aspect of entry onwards and the cost papers needs concepts clarity If the foundation is weak then there may not be strength for the building 
For theory paper you need to read, revise and memorise the concept These three are the sequence Try to documents what you learning
Make your foundation part of accounts make well before you start study the PCC
Fix the target to clear the both group within 1 year period of time Work too hard one of the advantage is that now a days ,after clearing one group only need to undergo articlship If you cleared the bothgroup, you may be quite comfortable
If the target is too high our effort to achieve the same shall be higher only You always evaluate by your own I suggest you to take 16 to 12 month time , write both group at a time and clear
Importance of self development
You need to develop certain skills There is two type of skills First one is anaythical skills and second one is logical skills This need to be developed Both these skills needs to be balanced If the analthical skills are weak you may be find difficults in the problem paper and vise versa
In the initial stages , better to do self studies Self study would consume your good productive time
If you undergone the coaching during the initial stages, will delimit your self learning ability For each and every think u may be require the assistance of others Never over rely on the coaching aspect unless otherwise you cannot able to learn own your own
Coaching is recommended if and only if you cannot able to learn even after your constant effort
In self study you may be wasting much of time in the irrelevant area ,wastage of good productive time , especially for articles students, for them least time is available to studies Such students depend to a larger extent on coaching materials
If you undergone to coaching in the initial stages, you may just be limited to the coaching enviournment, over dependent on coaching This will be your failure in the exam
Step one :- Organize the resources before start studies.
Buy good and best reference available in the market along with the past questions and answers, scanners, etc
Step no 2 Start study at least 10 to 8 hours. You must have to cover at least three subject per day
It would be more effective  if you fixing the time table ……
Turn your failure in to success
Turn your weakness in to strength
This is the first and foremost factor for the success. As a student, we may have many weakness. Some of them is cited below
·         Weak presentation in the exam
·         Weak either theory or problem area
·         Poor Memory capacity.
Can we take an example from Mahabharata….
 Panamas were exiled for 13 years, they had lost their kingdom ..Their wife were got         insulted. But panamas win the battle with Kaurava….How? They turned their attention to improve over the weakness
1.      Bhima met his brother hanuman and got a blessing on enhanced strength.
2.      Arjuna set out on a mission to Acquire Divastra
3.      Yudhisthira acquired teaching from various wise rishis, and also learnt the games of dice from gandharva chitrasena.It is said that he had become undefeatable in dices
Weak presentation in the exam
It will lead to poor results as far as CA exam is concerned. Now a days application oriented question such as true or false to test the knowledge of the subject. In this scenario, the presentation skills dominate a great extent.
Normally students were not mentally prepared for application oriented questions .Normally the trend is that mug up and vomiting .This will not effective for CA course.
 What is the Divyastra?
Clear understanding of the logic of theories and application of the concepts under the given question and try to present in your way.
·        Weak either theory or problem area
We need to enhance our strength. As far as theory and problem papers are concerned,buy best and good book available from the market and make the ICAI book as a reference material. Suggested answers and scanners also required.
Attend good coaching class , if your are not understanding with your self study.Mostly coaching is advisable for problem papers.
Make a habit of writing note. It is advisable to make a good note of your own .
Poor Memory
This indicate the in effective utilization of brain. First reason is lack of concentration. Solution is to do Yoga and mediation.
The second reason for the same is absence of revision. It is recommended that revision need to be done at a frequent intervals.
What will happen if not revised. The latest things only stored in the brain and older will be automatically erased.
Commitment scores over the competence.
For qualifying CA you need not to be a super intelligence or a super computer. The student who securing good mark in the matriculation may be fails in the CA exam and wise versa. An average student also can become  a CA.
·        Dedication to the study.
·        Complete and total involvement in your study process.
·        In sum rise according to the opportunity at your disposal.
Think that you are doing a professional course so have to work better and the level best.
Failure and fear to failure.
Failure is happening mainly due to
vWrong decisions.
vWrong approaches to the exam.
Wrong decision.
ØSome taking decision to become CA is due to not getting the seat in Medicine and engineering course. No other option is available.
ØSome others is joining the course without having a good understanding about the course.
vIt can be mentioned as bees attraction to the flame
Wrong approaches to exam
Both group V/s Individual group.
For studying all the subject require good investment in time. If you  have paucity in time due to lesser number of study leave , better opt for group wise.
Else carry on both group

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