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Reading the title how many of you felt a chill running down your spine, a sudden rush of fear and an eagerness to read what exactly the article says…maybe its about comparing your preparations to the ‘standard’ preparations followed by toppers…if so then you can breathe a sigh of relief, it is nothing about all that.

I am quite sure that all the students preparing for their exams  must face this question every single day.  Uncles and Aunties wish you with that innocent but a dreaded question for students…So, How are your studies going? This is subsequently followed by a good and ‘tested’ speech about dos and don’ts, without realizing that their behavior is actually a DON’Ts category.  But then, maybe it’s kind of a tradition.

The question is do you ask yourself the same question, it will be much comforting when you ask yourself the same question.  More importantly, you will always be truthful to yourself and that ways you can always know how exactly your preparations are going.  Obviously when you have to answer the same question again and again you will get tired of answering it, but remember not to take it too seriously.  It can be a big bother but you will have to cope with that.  Reading some of those articles about perfecting your preparations may seem like too much to do, but remember that once you put your heart to a work you can always do it.  Another important thing to remember is that in spite of the successes of those articles; they are giving you a general outline and nothing else.  So do not take them as the last word, modify the points according to your conditions.

Remember that your studies are entirely your business, people do interfere with other people’s jobs, but you cannot take it to heart.  When that happens you will loose your concentration and most importantly your self-confidence.  Keep that confidence in you that regardless of people say or what the magazines write, you have the capability to control your strings.

Lastly and most importantly, a few tips to dodge the question when you feel like being bothered.  A simple ‘GOOD’ always works, doesn’t it?  You say the thing and then just get back to doing your business. However, remember not to look dull say it with a bright smile and positive attitude.

That advice shall work on most of your relatives except for a few nosy ones…but then shouldn’t you try it, or do you already use it?  Anyways, just cheer up and keep up that confidence.

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