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Delight – one small word that can do wonders with your business and its growth. One of the most important that your customer wants is the delight-ment. Giving importance to your customer, surprising him with your products and the services in such a way that customer feels so special.

And we become his word of mouth forever, that will help you to build long term relationship with your customer and rest, that entire delighted customer will do. He will publicize your name and services everywhere in front of so many people that will build your precious goodwill and the reputation in the market.

Customer is one which gives you the business and is the end user of your products and services. Just one have to made loyal relations with customer, by giving him delight, by valuing his presence, by thanking him, by giving him unexpected results which he didn’t expect from us. Just once you have to treat him so special, we will be his word of mouth.

Successful business thinks of the customer delightment, customer convenience of their business’s important ingredient. Here are some ways that will help to provide what we all talk above:

1.] Make it easy to book with yousmiley

Your customer may be just a call away from you, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Open more doors to get customers connected with you like websites, scheduler, send agents to book an appointment or order. Call your customers or leave voice mails for your customer on any new arrivals or discounts information.

Be consistent in this approach. Consistently be in touch with your customers, made them feel your presence in the market.

2.] Save time of both customers and self’s:yes

Time is an important resource for all of us. Reduce the customer waiting time, idol time and try to serve your customer quickly. Nobody wants to wait whether it is in traffic or waiting for bus or train. Everyone wants work to be done on exact time.

You can increase your turnover by reducing the service and waiting time on your customer, that’s how you will be able to manage more customers daily and better chances of increased turnover & profitability of your business.

3.] Analyze the growth, trend and customer behaviorenlightened

One of the great wonders you can do with analysis part is that you can have bird eye on customer’s behavior and the changes in the taste and preferences, emerging technology, customer expectations. Conduct surveys and do R & D on customer’s expectations from your product and services.

Analyze the trend of market and analyze the frequency of your regular customer. It’s better to hire an expert for this work who can accomplish the data required for your business in a much better and presentable way.

4.] Change Managementcool

One of the important aspects for the status quo is the CHAGNE MANAGEMENT. Test the market for the upcoming changes that customer wants. You must be knowing what product or service your competitor going to launch next, what strategy he going to apply, which technology is emerging in the market.

5.] Feedbackmail

Get Feedbacks from your potential customers, whether negative or positive accept it with smiling face and heartily thanks. It is another path to success. Make it easy for the customer to give you a feedback. You will get the chance to improve your products or services and to resolve issues.  Make sure client doesn’t feel unsecure about his feedback, keep his feedback confidential. And try to get personal meeting with your client or customers.

How are you managing your business? Are you offering delightment?laugh


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