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Now the count down for CA exam is started. This is the crucial and critical time as far as a CA student is concerned. The exam fever also spreading along with IPL Fever

Most of the student has started their serious study towards the exam. Some may be started the preparation few day back due to the leave of article is granted to them just few days back.

In this scenario, it is better here to discuss how to approach for the exam, what are the strategies required to be adopted for clearing the exam

Mind set up

Take an example of Indian team in world cup. They were out even without reaching the super 6 round. Is the team was weak?  The answer is no, what was wrong is the failure to cope with the pressured situation.

Like wise as a student you have good potential but due to the pressured nature of the exam may be delimit your own ability and ultimately in the pit of failure. Some students were working hard for the exam; they had all the talent with them but fail in the exam due to the pressure imposed by the exam

What is the reason for the pressure?

The prejudice view that the CA exam is tough and difficult to clear and approaches for the exam in the same mind set up. The result will be same; the exam is tough and fails.

What is the solution is required?

Take the exam as a challenge and make a good net practice before going to the real match situation. Think to bring all the potential which is not explored till the time .Think that I will write the exam by the level best whether the exam is a bouncer or easy.

Secondly lack of systematic  plan

Take an example, a student had  covered Accounts, costing, corporate law and tax, still 30 days were left for the exam? What to do? Need to cover audit, Info tech and SM, Taxation the students may be started his studies with the intention of writing both group.

What he will do?

Covering the audit , law, Info tech in hurry and write the exam that is both group. I suggest it will not be a wise plan .Better focus on any one group whether  group one or group two and give the full focus towards it. Those who had not able to cover all the subject in the both group can also adopt the same plan.

Stick on most important area

What is the peculiarity of exam question is 40% of  questions set in the exam are repetitive. That you can understand through scanners

Secondly , more mark of questions were set in particular chapter in may exam and that will not be so in November exam. Take the trend analysis of your scanner you can see this peculiarity

Example  In may exam more mark questions will be set from profit and gains from business and profession, but in the November exam the pattern shall be for capital gain chapter ( This is just an example only and really there no similarity)

Some questions will be compulsory  in all exam. Take an example of gross total income problem aspect in Income Tax. This is for the purpose of testing the knowledge about the subject.

Some questions were general and more time and least mark will be set for the exam.

Finally, testing  the knowledge about the amendment area and other recent changes. Say AAS changed in to SA ,  

Make a good trend and pattern for the coming exam and be focus more on these area. Bring your mind and body  towards this direction.

At least two round of coverage before the exam and during the day before exam stick on notes. You cannot cover  single chapter of profit and gains of business and profession in a reputed text book which you had covered  even well also.

But you can cover two time all the area provided if you had made the major points in a single note book.

Make the habit of notes during the initial stages of studies. Care should be taken in the area of notes making

   Tips for writing your exam…..

Stop reading of subject at least half an hour before exam

Be in seat before 15 minute before disbursement of question paper

Take two pen, one calculator, scale, sharpener, eraser etc in your seat

Enter your registration number and make your mind free.

As and when receiving  the question paper  read one time in rough

Start those question which you know better.

If you stopped  in a particular area, leave the same at that point of time and start writing another question rather than thinking and wasting for unknown question.

Allocate the time according to the marks at the disposal.

It is better to write point to point with proper heading and sub heading rather than an essay type answer.


For 5 mark question , you just write only five relevant point with proper heading and sub heading. This will help the examiner to track the answer

If you write in essay format, the examiner have to apply search technique and will create negative impact . Don’t adopt cut and paste mechanism which is called mugging up technique.

Answer all un attended question last point of time

Stop writing the exam at least 5 to 10 minute, just read it. You may be find some omission or some correction. This will be a positive impact on examiner.

In short  good preparation and better performance and presentation will help you for cracking the exam for this coming may 10

All the best


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