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Dear friends,

Is CA course is tough or difficult to clear? Answer is a big No.

Then you may rise a question regarding why a lower passing out ratio?

Is there any pre determined pass out ratio?

Reason for low pass out ratio

Pass mark for individual paper is just 40 marks but the aggregate for a particular group shall be 50%. I hope every student must know this is the benchmark of ICAI. Many students were achieving the 40 plus mark but fails in the aggregate.

This means you had achieved 40 marks and just requires 10 more mark for passing out the course.

So the target in front of you is 50 marks, if you want to jump this benchmark set a target of 60 marks so that you can easily jump the benchmark. But for securing the 60 mark, you need to do a lot of hard work .You must be willing to sacrifice your comfort level. You must be willing to work hard and smart also. Setting 60 plus is so easy but getting 50 plus is a difficult.

Taking a right decision at the right time will lead you success.

Whether to write both group and one particular group.

This decision in turn depends upon the time at your disposal. If you have enough time to prepare well for 60 plus mark target for all the papers, you can opt for both group else try for one particular group. If you don’t have time and opt for both, there may be a risk of failure may be fails for want of aggregate. If you had written both and failed for want of aggregate or failed do remember that there was a little time with you.

Whether opt for Self study or go for coaching

Never ever take your decision to undergo coaching blindly. You may have a false feeling that coaching will cater all your needs. But once you join the class you may find very difficult to catch the teacher. It is better to go coaching for difficult subject such as cost and FM etc. If you had opt for self study will take good time. So take coaching wisely and save money.

Borne in mind that in the beginning stage such as from CPT to direct P CC/I P C C you may find the entire subject so difficult. This is due to the difference in the standards. Don’t be tense and undergo for coaching. Do remember that you can handle most of the papers. But require time.

All the skills and talent require for qualifying the CA course is with you. If you undergone for a coaching institute, the teacher just boost the inherent skills inside you. How he is doing, he just injects the basic and conceptual angle.


Role of good reference book and Suggested answers, scanners

Is ICAI material is good? Obviously the answer is yes. But it is not student free as well as structured. It is highly recommended to buy one reference book along with ICAI material or modules. But you must take extra care while purchasing a reference book.

If you have more than 6 months for preparation you can opt for V K singhania Book. But if the time available with you is less than 6 month better to buy T N Manoharan or Padhuka. Thus, purchase of reference books also depends upon the time availability.

Systematic studies

Daily targets

It is advisable to fix a daily target. Fix a balancing timetable with you. But the hour’s utilization shall be in such a manner that will optimize your maximum possible potential.

Full focus while you read

Give maximum focus at the time of reading. Get through the basic and concepts. Try to learn own your own. If you cannot able to do own your own, then go for a best coaching centre.

Good notes

Make a good note. The note making requires some skills and experience. But if your note is good, just reading a point will lead to understood you the main concept. But try to prepare notes.

Periodic revision

Revision is an essential factor for success. You must revise periodically. You can use the notes at the time of revision. Those who not revise periodically may produce a poor result for the exam.

Group studies

It is better to have a group for studies particularly for the problem paper. But care need to be taken for the size of the group. Maximum 5 people or less shall be an ideal group. Group studies will be fruitful at the time of revision and the problem paper like Cost and FM and Advanced Accounts.


How you can maximize the potential? You must imagine for the bench mark level of CA course and your target of 60 mark and the effort that you need to put for achieving the said target. Don’t be tense if you are not achieved the 100% achievement. In some students cases their time table is one place but the utilization is in difference manner.


All The best


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