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Hi friends, I am pursuing CA final. I am so happy to write an article for our CA club.

Actually, everyone has his/her own thoughts. However those thoughts might spoil everyone’s life. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

Life is very beautiful and we can create wonders. However sometimes we forget this fact. That is why, so many students commit suicide and escape from their unhappy lives.

This is a story of my life. Actually I was a science student. When I was in my inter, my short term goal was to complete my engineering. I got a rank but I did not have any financial support for further studies. I was in the situation of self pity. I tried to commit suicide but I didn’t die though my health started deteriorating. Then I joined BSC.  During my first year in college I came to know about the CA course which requires less investment. With my first year merit scholarship degree I registered for CPT. One of my friends told me that CA is very tough and being a telugu medium student its tougher for you, in spite of this discouragement, I kept my confidence intact that yes I can do it.

I studied in Telugu medium school. My strengths encouraged me to take the CA course. I took tuitions for Accounts subject. Due to financial constraints I could not take coaching for CPT. So I had to face trouble in studies also, lack of English knowledge added to my problems. This was the first time I failed as a student because I have always been an “A” grade student. This situation made me think that suicide is the only option I have. Actually I was living in the village when the results came out. After that I came to Hyderabad and found out an institute which gives a free coaching to the second attempt students. I joined that institute and got 130 marks. Next step I had in my mind was to pursue IPCC. I knew that it demands more money. I was thinking very deeply on this, fortunately my grandparents told me that they can arrange money for the studies. I felt so happy that immediately I registered for IPCC and joined the same institute. I was trying to get a rank in IPCC. My grandparents asked me to marry someone which came as a shock to me. I rejected this proposal because he was not suitable for me. Ultimately they did not give money for my studies. At this time only 2 months were left for my exams. I felt the stress and at the same time my father lost his job.

I thought that with someone’s help I can complete my CA however nothing happened since I did not try to search for any help. The only option I thought I had was to die. Just before committing suicide I thought about my golden future and the wonders I could create if only I live, but how I couldn’t figure out.  I cried a lot while thinking about my goaI which is to help the poor and old people. I wanted to give all the facilities and comfort to my family. I shared my feelings with my younger brother and asked him not to leave our parents alone ever.

At last I decided to die.1 month in the hospital was the worst experience I ever had in my life. My neighbors gave us money for my medical expenses. I was still alive but lost my health, time and studies. My grandparents were angry with me and my father got a job. I gave my second attempt in November 2010 and cleared both the groups together.

Presently I am doing my articleship with good stipend and in a good professional environment. I cleared both the groups at the same time that gave me good stipend with lots of learning. Even my brother is studying with me. Today I am so happy and living with my loving family. If I did die that night I would have missed all this happiness and a strong hope of a golden future.

 So friends if you have any problem in life, just search for the solution and keep the faith for the better future rather than escaping from life’s challenges by committing suicide.


- For any problem have a solution and make the right decision at the right time

- Always feel all is well because sometimes situations could go wrong like I did not have money for the coaching so I joined the coaching center which teaches without taking any fees.

- Every person must have the positive attitude towards life and specially students should keep this in mind that “You are not a creator of your life so you don't have the right to spoil it”

-Understand that you have the responsibility to help your family and you are the only one to do it.

- The most important thing is self confidence, it makes you perfect

- Friends I follow one rule that is LEAVE IT or LOVE IT then you can get success in your life.

- If you think that you are alone in this world then you will be alone if you think you are the part of the world, the world will be yours.

Friends I am still trying to improve my English if there are any spellings or grammatical mistakes then please forgive me.

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pravallika reddy
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