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What would you have done if you were JK Rowling and when you got rejected 12 times for your book? What would you have done if you were Jack Maa who suffered endless failures? What would you have done if you were Dr. Kalam whose dream of becoming a fighter pilot didn't materialize?

It's easy for us to want to be in their shoes when they succeed, but it's not easy when you get rejected. Imagine their struggling days. What if they had given up?

Single point focus and dedication

What do you need for success?

Its single point focus and dedication. The world may not believe you, but your self belief should drive you. Sometimes your dream makes no sense to others but it should be everything for you.

We have one life, one single life which can be taken away at any moment. Are we making it count? We get bothered by what others feel, our decisions depend on what others decide, we get afraid to go against the norms built by society. Ask yourself if this all makes sense?

You decide to go for CA then you fear about failures, you get afraid of what would happen if you fail, you get petrified of getting aged. Ask yourself if this is how to live your life? Will you be able to succeed like this?


What suggestion would you give to anyone having a mindset which you have?

The problem is we fear everything. You are a girl but social norms say you are weak, is it true? You are 27 still giving attempts, social norms say you should get married, have kids, forget about your career. What suggestion will you give to anyone else who comes to you with this problem?

A person can start at any age and still be successful; you can get married even at 40 and still remain happily married.

Just because you are not fitting into the standards set up by the society doesn't mean you are wrong and cannot be successful. 

If you look at the history books and the people who made it big in life are those who challenged those norms. Society is made by us and not vice-versa.

Don't lose heart if people say you are not what others expect you to be. Until and unless you are not hurting anyone, you are not doing anything wrong. Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was 65 years old, he lived till he was 90 years old, Anita Kapdi started her CA at the age of 48 and completed it at the age of 52, CA SD Bala who is co-author of CA Final SFM book published by Snowwhite, started his CA at the age of 56 and became CA 13 days before he attained 60 years of age. There are endless examples who didnt let society narrate them what they should do or what they should be doing.


If you are clear in your thought process about what you are doing then nothing will stop you from fulfilling your goal. When you start thinking about what society thinks then it is only going to create confusion in your mind which will mess all things.

If you want to do something then just to do it and be dedicated to your goal, this is what single point focus and dedication means.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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