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In the Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics subject in CA Final, students mostly lose marks due to not writing appropriate answers for given questions. This is due to the length of the subject which creates various hurdles in remembering the points in these topics.

So, these are few short cuts to remember the points with ease in Chapter 2 - Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution

Shortcuts to Remember Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics - CA Final

Chapter 2 - Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution

1. Benefits/ Advantages of Planning in Audit of Financial Statements: - DRACOS (Similar to Dracaryes in GOT)

  • Direction and Supervision of Audit Team
  • Timely Resolution of Potential Problems
  • Attention to Important Areas
  • Easy Coordination
  • Proper Organisation and Management of Audit Engagement
  • Proper Selection of Engagement Team

2. Factors for change to Planning Decisions: - CUE

  • Changes in Conditions
  • Result of Unexpected Events
  • Audit Evidence obtained from the result of audit procedures

3. Formulation of Audit Strategy: - PREND (Similar to the word Friend)

  • Preliminary Work
  • Reporting Objectives
  • Team Efforts
  • Nature, Timing and Extent of Resources
  • Determination of Characteristics of Audit

4. Benefits of Overall Audit Strategy: - MADE

  • Management of Resources
  • Allocation of Quantity of Resources
  • Timely Deployment of Resources
  • Employment of Qualitative Resources

5. Matters that need to be considered for formulating an Audit Program: - PANICS

  • Overall Plan
  • Accounting and Management Policies
  • Nature of Business in which organisation is engaged
  • Information regrading organisation of business
  • System of Internal Control and Auditing Procedures
  • Size of Organisation and Structure of its management

6. Circumstances where audit programme have to be suitably altered: - TIME

  • Designed for a certain volume of Turnover and subsequently, it has substantially increased
  • Discovered that Internal Control procedures were not as effective as assumed
  • Suspicion is aroused that assets of the company have been Misappropriated.
  • Extraordinary increase in the amount of book debts or stocks as compared to the previous year
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