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Most of the successful persons have positive results in their life through positive attitudes. Brain of a person plays a very important role in his life. It depends on the person how he feeds his brain with. Your brain is like an empty box, its depend on you what you store in it good knowledge, positive thoughts will lead to you to a better life and help you become a successful person in every aspect of your life. It has been observed that if there are two persons, both are given same problem to solve but the difference is the first person is having a positive attitude and the second person is having a negative attitude. When they asked for the solutions, no doubt that both will come out with a solution but the first person seems to have a wider approach towards the solution and he comes with best possible solution. While on the other hand the second one will come up the limited answer, he will most of the time see only the negative aspects of the situation and his brain will not work as effectively as it would if he considers all the sides of the situation. Hence to conclude that the first basic principle to have a successful life is to have a positive attitude and to feed your brain with positive thoughts and knowledge.


The second principle of successful life is always to have a goal or aim in life to do or achieve something. A person who works very hard all fay and night but does not have a target will lead to nowhere. All his hard work will result nothing. Every person should have some sort of target which makes him jump out the bed every morning, which motivates him to work harder than the previous day, which gives meaning to his life.


This is a very significant principle one should strictly follow to become successful person. It is also known as continuous improvement cycle. You were wondering "Why Cycle?". The reason is it a never ending process. One should keep on improving oneself to achieve success.

There are four stages of this process :

STAGE 1. To IDENTIFY the Opportunities for improvement.

STAGE 2. To PLAN what improvements are needed in the current process.

STAGE 3. To EXECUTE the changes which you have planned.

STAGE 4. To REVIEW how the changes have been implemented and what more improvement one can achieve to work more better. Everyone in his daily life also follow this process in some or the other way. For instance people are upgrading themselves with the latest technologies nowadays. Earlier people used to contact other using birds then after the invention of telephone they use telephone to communication and now mobile calling, video calling, video conferencing etc. There are many ways out now for communication and people are also improving themselves continuously. This is just a live example, likewise we should improve ourselves in every aspect of life which help ourselves to face the new challenges in life. So, to sum up I would say one should improve oneself continuously with the changes in time.


It has been greatly said that "Small good decisions will bring big great changes in life". You might ignore the small daily habits in your life, whether good or bad, but these small habits have a great impact in your success. One should keep on developing good habits throughout his life. Self-control doesn't here means only to control the feelings but it has a lot to do with success. It has been observed that people with good control over their thought process, behavior and emotions are seem to be more healthier, smarter, and successful. Most of the successful persons follow a disciplined life, they follow healthy morning rituals, have a hobby in their lives to keep on their interest.


Everyone have a limited life that means limited time. So, if you want to be successful you should be able manage and utilize your precious time in a most efficient and effective manner. Here I am sharing you a small tip for effective time management. You should first set your ultimate goal in life and then should set 3 month target, one of which should help you achieve your ultimate goal and then divide your monthly goal in weekly and then daily targets. You should kept the plan flexible and should review and update it weekly. The most important tip for time management is STOP PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination here means the habit of delaying work. Procrastination, being ignored, is one of the major factor in not meeting your deadline of the work to be done. One should always be proactive.


The second last principle which one should follow is to help other people. I am not saying you should help everyone but everyone should help someone in need. There is no loss if one helps other person instead he will gain something, one way or other, in return. The smile, the happiness, satisfaction that other person have will definitely give you inner peace which ultimately help you in your success in life. We all know Knowledge increases by sharing it with others. Hence, you should not only think about your happiness but also think of others, how you can add smile to others face. You don't even notice how a kind word, a small good gesture of yours brings happiness, satisfaction to others. "There is nothing bad in doing good to others".


Most of us spend ninety percent of our time in worrying about the future or thinking of the past, which will do no good. It will not help you to achieve success. It is good to plan for the future and it is also good to learn from your mistakes which you have made in the past but it is good only if you do it in controlled way. If you cannot concentrate on the present moment try this little trick : say it or write it somewhere you can see "BE HERE NOW". Meditation is also a great way to achieve control over thoughts and try to practice it regularly to achieve mental peace. So, always remember this quick mantra of success "live the present moment and forget the past and future".

Hence, to conclude if one follow all these principles strictly in one's life, he or she will definitely achieve success.


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