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Time flies, so do opportunities. We miss some while we catch some, sometimes in awe, at other times in regret. But the most hazardous thing to do is to play around with priorities, juggling with what needs prior attention and what is subtle enough to be postponed. We have not seen the age of scarcity, unlike the ones from the previous few generations. This gives us a very optimistic illusion that our futures are going to emerge with emerging nations. Now there is a fine line between illusion becoming a dream and vice a versa. The difference being illusion keeps you from working towards your dream. 

Not everything that happens in our life is by default or by destiny; we have to work towards achieving and timely deciding if the path is right or not. Smaller instances at work and life can make or break us and our image.  

Now coming back to ‘priority', it is again perspective. To have a clear perspective helps having a clear vision in life, at work, for family, for becoming successful, etc. Sometimes self-assessment or contemplation helps you chalk out your plan of action. These words might bounce upon a mediocre or a busy mind. Some people are so driven by what they are doing that it gets difficult for them to realize their actions and intentions. 

To give it a crisper look, I will try pointing down the ways to creating and meeting your priorities: 

  • Discover your priorities: Make a list of things that are impactful in your work/personal life. It can be right from micro-management to highly sensitive and effort needing issues.
  • Realize the importance of the priorities: Once you have discovered your priorities, you need to pin down why is it important. If not attended to, what will be the circumstances or results? Once you realized its importance, it will help you become insightful and bold while taking your stand.
  • Set exception clauses: If there needs to be a shuffle in the order of things or people that need attention, you must be clear when to adjust, how to adjust and where to adjust. This might sound like compromise, but small compromises will only take you higher in the long run.
  • Do not be abrasive: This is set trend that abrasive and military attitude is not appreciated either in board rooms or in bedrooms. This will only make your path rougher and earn you enemies. You surely do not want to reach the top to realize you have left everyone in the journey. A helpful attitude makes many a tasks easier.
  • Let actions speak: As the saying goes, barking dogs seldom bites; sing less of your  priorities and let actions take control of the mane. Most of the arguments, war, battles happen when words play the game. Actions mostly bring results and rarely competition.
  • Be open to feedback: There is no set law that your list of priorities is perfect and needs no amendment. Listen to others, take their opinion and discuss it out. 

Setting priorities is mostly a mind game, a strategy for the self and a roadmap to achieve what you want to. Its like your mission statement in short run that has to sync with the vision of the long run. The hurdles are many, but just as a deep breath help you so will some. Now again, some people are overly patient and folly themselves in the cage of patience. Little sparks, little healthy conflicts help bring about change, which is important to break the monotoy of life. Lead a meaningful life and add value to that of the needful. Spare some penny for the poor and thoughts for the turbulent mind.

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