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Peak performers are not from other planets but who explore, learn, and grow fast while you sleep. So be serious, be a little bit faster & explore the new arenas of life. Let's explore some secrets followed by peak performers.

1. Mistakes are the proof of Growth but repetition is a sign of Dumbness

Do mistakes but don't repeat them, learn & grow out of them. Great Scientist Thomas Edison failed 9999 times while making electricity bulb & every time he learned the way which can't make a bold. Finally, at 10000 attempts, he did it.

2. Done is better than perfect

In many instances, we wait for a perfect moment & in that process either we lose our interest or it becomes useless for us. As I always say that golden pieces are not created at 1st attempt, so wake up & do the thing which you have kept in your mind for a long time. Here one thing I want to clear is 'Perfection & imperfection' is just the illusion of the mind.

Secrets Of Peak Performers Who Do Wonders

3. Set Financial Punishment for not achieving targets

It's hardcore truth that we do our tasks only when the situation of do or die arises. For proof, remember your school days where you used to do your homework on the last days of your holidays. It's a result of our upbringing or our culture that we take seriously only those things on which direct financial loss is involved.

4. Never sit Idle, do anything whatever you like

Once you create a habit of sitting idle at this age then, later on, you can't work even if you want. If you have no such work right now join some new classes that may be of public speaking or learning guitar or either English speaking. Even you can join any Non-profit organization.

5. Adapt to Change quickly

Only those people are stable in this world who accept changes and mold themselves accordingly. Interestingly, who do this process fast is called a creative person.

6. Be happy all the time

Happiness doesn't depend on situations as your situations change everything. If your basic nature is of being happy then you will always be happy either you reside in the colony or a bungalow.


7. Honesty is the key to success, never cheat anyone or never break the trust of anyone

Keep your intention always honest as this is the backbone of any communication. When you are honest it reflects in your eyes & the opposite person will see & observe that vibration. 'Honesty is the best policy' we all have heard from childhood but now ask yourself that either you have implemented it in your life or not? It takes years to make a trust but It takes only a few seconds to break it. I am sure you have this Hindi line 'रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोरो चटकाय. टूटे पे फिर ना जुरे, जुरे गाँठ परी जाय'. Don't create the situation where you are together with someone just to maintain your relations.

8. Attitude is everything

Nothing is waiting for you in any career. It all depends on you where you see yourself & what's your attitude related to that career. It's all games of watching from different eyes.

9. Focus on your strength

Successful people do all kinds of work but they give priority to their main aim. Never forget that even you have nothing in your life but still, you have good health, supportive relationship, you have mobile & laptops, you get access to the internet, you have good friends, you have good knowledge of things or you have some degrees that are a still dream for many.

10. Believe in yourself

It does not matter what you say to the world but it always matters what you say to yourself when you are alone as your actions accordingly become of that level.

11. Never Give Up

I go by my choice either I will not start but once I start, I will not give up.

12. Sleep Less

If you reduce your sleeping hour by 1 hour per day, it will be 30 hours for a month which is more than enough for revision of any subject. Opt for quality of sleep rather than the quantity of sleep.


13. Fix your morning routine

Jump from your bed as soon as you wake up & walk for at least 15 minutes in the fresh air. Your morning routine should be defined in all aspects of what you will do.

14. Set aside every Sunday evening for yourself & spend quality time with yourself & make this a permanent habit.

15. Laugh for at least 5 minutes every morning & learn to laugh at yourself

4 year child laughs on an average of 500 times a day but an adult laughs only 15 times a day on an average.

16. Don't follow the same style of study

Mind is always hungry for experiences & it keeps long last memory of actions which you do out of routine, so why not apply the same for study. Try all possible ways of learning that maybe lighting a candle when you start to study in the evening or going to a friend's house or going to parks or different libraries at different timings. Even try all technologies for a study like mobile, laptop, or speaker. The purpose is to find the best way of study, location, timing & even person to increase the output of hard work.

17. Associate yourself only with positive & focused people as they will help you to grow in life.

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