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I would like to address another important issue which is very common among CA students which is regarding the ways of dealing with the subject of LAW. I would basically highlight the ways to study law and the kind of presentation to be given in exam to fetch maximum marks.

How to study LAW?

Law has always been my favourite subject right from the time it was introduced to me and hence I never took it as a burden. So the first and foremost thing is to not regard this paper as a burden as you could possible secure exemption in this paper.

Firstly choose one main book apart and stick to it. For questions, refer to the study material or practice manual issued by ICAI.

I always preferred Munish Bhandari - not the summary book but the handbook that is available - for law at both IPCC and Final as I found it extremely student friendly with apt examples to provide a better clarity of each section. You can choose the book as per your preference.

The first time you that you will study, you will just give a plain simple reading without pressuring your mind to memorise as you are just introducing yourself with the content of the book and not trying to master it. The pace of reading will be as slow as possible because here you are more focussed on understanding and not on memorising.

Next time when you read then you have to be a little more cautious as here you will try to read with more stress on the content and mark what you feel is important.

By the time you are giving a third reading, you would have picked up a few things from the first two readings sub-consciously. Now you have to slowly and steadily start picking up things.

With each reading your pace would significantly increase as compared to the last reading and you would start picking up the content sub-consciously.

By the time you reach your fifth reading you would have picked up things in a much better way and would be in a position to answer a few questions that could possibly be asked.

Next you will pick up the practice manual or the study material and just read through a few questions to see if you can answer them.

If you are still unable to recall then you should consider giving a sixth reading to the entire content.

By now you are well acquainted with the content and now you should focus more on how to present the content in the paper to fetch maximum marks.

How to present answers in law paper?

Law answer should preferably be written in 3 short paragraphs i.e. Introduction, Main body of the answer and Conclusion.

Introduction: You have to write about the relevant section that is related to the question asked. For e.g. if the question is related to amalgamation then write briefly about amalgamation and quote the relevant section. 

Note: Write the section number only if you are very sure of it since quoting correct section number would not fetch you extra marks except leaving good impression on the examiner but quoting wrong section will definitely penalise you.

Main body of the answer: Now relate the subject matter with the context of the question. For e.g. you have introduced about amalgamation now you would relate this content with the data or information provided in the question.

Conclusion: Conclude the answer properly without any ambiguity.

There would be some questions where the answer would be comparatively long hence write the main body of the answer in short paragraphs of 2 to 3 sentences leaving the introduction and the conclusion part of the answer intact.

Note: Cover 100% of syllabus and refrain from just preparing for random topics to ensure good score in this paper which is achievable with little extra efforts but could be a saviour for clearing group 1 both at IPCC and CA Final level.

Best wishes !!


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