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satyam- A - vijayate

himanshu , Last updated: 20 January 2009  

Where is RAMU Sir the film maker, if the bombing the taj was not possible then here is one more scoop . The story based on lines of satyam computer fraud. Of course some songs will also help... ... but if you make the film i need some part of profits Ha,,,,,,

"satyam-a-vijayate The film "

wow what a great film story....  but befor you screen it do keep a disclaimer like company auditors.
"This is purely a fiction and any resemblance to factual life is merely co-incidence"
plot 1) for 5 years ceo takes money off the company and diverts it to bribing people (director can decide who thers people are) to get contracts and creating benami accounts... plot 2) big investors start buying stock as company promotes good investment opportunity by manipulation of balance sheet and awarded things like golden peacock award, corporate excellence award..   Plot 3) stock price rises many fold i.e. a Re 2 stock quoting at 400+.     Plot 4) promoters pledge shares to get money. Then by manipulation bring the share prices down forcing the pledge shares to be sold before confession . companies who pledged shares earn millions.    Plot 5) ceo goes to media and announces like a martyr that though he tried to save the company he could not....   Plot 6) govt steps in tries to show that it cares and un able to arrest and file charge-sheet directly... Instates its own board to cover up all fraud. Auditors are fired to show some action taken ...  Plot 7) hard earned money of tax payers is diverted through bank funding back to satyam--2000 crore.... HA HA HA who paid for all the fraud ... AAM AADMI the one who abides by law and who pays tax...
..................................................THE END (all is well that ends well)
Pls send this to RAMU Sir i mean the film maker.... or may be a new director/producer looking for some new storyline....
Sad Regards
Un answered questions
-- why is govt so interested in saving a falling fraud company... Exact no of employees still not reveled.
--- there are more than 2 lac workes displaced in textile sector. 1000 units of textile processing closed in  india.  Equall big exporter for India. Why has govt not saved them
--- manufacturing companies have laid off lacs of workes why has govt not arranged funds and saved these companies....
---- Does the govt think AAM ADMI will believe that saving Satyam will save indian IT sector and not saving satyam will distroy IT sector of INDIA....If the AAM AADMI believes this than he deserves what he is getting.... THE END 
--- US govt bailed out companies which failed due to policy failure of US govt but our govt is saving company which failed due to well planned fraud by management. Why is Indian govt doing this....!!!! Hope this reaches at least one ADR investor in USA. .
An Internation third party agency is required to bring the true facts to forefront.... if you think that your hard earned money is being mis-used than do share this with at least one more Indian