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CA Syllabus is a wide course rather than a tough one. One has to remember so many things at the same time and that's why it is misunderstood as a tough one. Now, problem is with the memorizing all these with the power to present it in a paper.

I did had the same confusion or so called tension to remember it. Let me clear one thing here first that "remembering" does not mean to "mug up". It means to remember the basic concept with an ability to answer any question relating to that topic in a correct way.

Some people have a good memory, while at the same time it is the fact that everyone is not like Albert Einstein or Swami Vivekananda. People do have their own capacity or at the same time their own limitations also.

From the school time I had learnt a very good concept to remember the things and that was to record your own voice. Many students have a habit of reading with a loud voice then why to waste all that energy used. Keep the recorder with you and record the voice while reading most important formula or points or provisions or case laws or whatever you want.

The importance of recorded data is you can listen it at anytime and you do have a formula of revision. For Example, you are tired a lot due to whole day schedule but you do not want to waste your time and do not want to sleep before going through some topics or reading anything. Believe me your tired body will not allow you to concentrate on your reading in a same way which yo can read in an early fresh morning. However, the recordings will help you to revise the syllabus in that tired situation also.

Revision is very important on a regular intervals. For which we can not have a time so, recording will be useful for that.

Second thing is to have a chart on your walls of all the important sections as well as the name of the case laws and at a same time important formula also. There is nothing wrong if you can do all these which you were habituated to do in your school days.

Keep your highlighter with you always as highlighted things will be remembered easily. Indexation is also necessary to save the time while reading the chapters in your book. Use the Sticky Notes to the pages where you have made most mistakes.

Make notes for everything you learn or read because that will be useful on a last day of exams. Make points of paragraph, make charts of every point. Make habits of making and writing short points in a reference book itself also.

Remember all the data with writing practice all the time. Never try to read the sums and understand it. It will be a waste of time.

Do not forget to see the suggested answers which are demanded by the institute. A language, a format and a perspective to understand the question will be learnt from suggested answers only.

Keep one pocket diary with you always. Make a plan and note it in a diary that how much you will have to read and learn in a next week or next month. See in the diary at the end of the day and analyse how much you have achieved as per your target. In a few days you will be able to realise whether you are going as per your plan or not and will be able to revise your schedule and save your time to achieve the targets.

Normal reading and Satisfactory learning, both are different things. The ideas I have shared might be known to most of the people but that has to be implemented to get the things possible as early as soon. Do not let the things happen in a way they are happening. Make the things possible in your own ways, with your own thoughts and ideas.

The author can also be reached at snehaltanna14@gmail.com


Published by

Snehal N. Tanna
(Chartered Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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