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Just having read the topic, many of us may come to a conclusion that, NO there is no need for reservations, we believe in merit. Let people compete on merit, why shall someone be given preference at the cost of others. Let people be given equal opportunities.

But having said that, do you'll really believe that just by putting an end to reservations one can provide equal opportunities to all. Well, if that was the case and it was so simple, reservations would have never come into the picture. Think of two persons, one is born in say a well developed city like New York and the other one is born in a jungle in Africa, do you think they will have equal opportunities in life. Think of a person who is born to a reach business tycoon and another who is born to a poor man living on roads, do you think they will have equal opportunities in life. Well, forget having equal opportunities, i believe they would be fighting totally different battles in life. One would be working to get an admission in Havard or Stanford whereas the other would be working or rather begging to have enough money to fill his stomach with some food.

So, I believe you would now agree that the need for reservation is not unjustified. However, people would argue that reservations are utilized by people who actually do not need them or even some who are not eligible for them but they just manage to avail some fake certificates to serve their purpose. Maybe some would even say that rather then having reservations, the government shall make efforts, educate the needy and bring them to an equal level. Well, I would say it is only easier when said, but do you think that is a practically possible solution. I am afraid it isn't. But think of it, just because a few misuse them or do not need them should we strike of the system totally and say it is wrong, we shouldn't have them. Well, I believe it isn't the case.Though, I completely agree that it is very disheartening to see some making a misuse of such a system whereas someone else who is really in need doesn't get a chance to prove his mettle.

I don't know what exactly is the solution for this. But I believe, we need reservations. Only the way in which they should be given needs some change. Maybe, we can prefer giving it more based on classes rather than castes.I don't say it can solve all possible problems but maybe it can rationalize the situation a bit.


Thanks and Regards,


Dhruv Nandani

B.Com, C.A.


Published by

Dhruv Nandani
(Chartered Accountant)
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