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Every time I find myself on CAclubindia, I feel like writing. At times when I do so, it's not my experience speaking. But some part of me that wishes to motivate because sometimes we tend to lose ourselves. And then comes the greater intelligence that lies within us. And by us, i mean each and every one of us.

Sometimes I see people, not willing to leave a single opportunity. Ye bhi karna h aur wo bhi. Itni speed h itni kick. Then I've looked back at myself on whether I have to do the same thing or be better than them. At that point, either I have a new challenge or I am reassured that I am my best.

Professional success is often shaped with the ability to introspect. To find out on what you need to work on. It emerges with a dynamic routine that makes sure you do not lose out on your interests and work equally hard.

GST is rolling out, Company law keeps changing. The amendments that continue.

For some, IPCC exams are in November. Cost Fm, Accounts, Tax there's too much to study and revise.

And then, for those going to office trying to re-arrange priorities within an already hectic life.

Role chahe jo bhi ho. Isko nibhane ke liye Milte wahi 24 hours hain.

For a moment, come out of emotions and routine. You'll find there's so much to do. Even if its not, there’s so much you wanted to do.

For the better part, change and development are what take us through life. Ever heard about that one HR line: He who joins a company as a staff doesnt leave the company as a staff. By the time he leaves the company, he is much more proficient. 

But in the middle of this not so directionful article, let’s shift gears.

A month or so back, i had become very lazy. If i would work on an assignment, I'd sleep with my laptop open but would not complete it. Next morning when i got up, I'd leave for office and back home here i was where i had left it yesterday. So it would remain incomplete.

I have a habit of writing queries in my to do list. Like for instance, on one point of Gratuity i wanted to open my IPCC book and read the Gratuity Act. Hardly takes an hour. But i did'nt. It still written there. 

So I would take my time and think, why it is happening that I’m doing so. More and more items stacked up the list. I started deleting some thinking that they are unimportant. Wasn’t so the time I had written them. Just because I deferred doing it back then, I did’nt do it at all.

And then I remembered one of my ipcc teachers say “Ek baar kuch baad ke liye chod diya toh phir usko nahi karoge” Back then, the biggest relation this had was with the ITSM slybbaus. I had actually left out various pages of different chapters in Itsm during my first reading, and I never did them.

So one fine day I forced myself. To start doing things I felt I needed to do. I was’nt thinking of why I couldn't and I instead focused on how I would. Slowly I got many items of my impending list, and there I went.

If you start thinking about your limitations, you’ll find many of them are not real limitations. You've allowed them to be placed there, artificially.

Coming to another instance, particularly for those who have their exams in November.

Sometimes we face a question “Padhna kahan se start kare?”

A stupid answer would be kahin se bhi. But trust me, I had said this to a friend when she asked me this.

Start with anything and finish it. Do not divert yourself or take time off. Instead just do it. Any topic, any chapter for once. Because once you finish something, you have a feeling of contentment at the back of your mind. Which drives you to the next thing you want to do. And if you motive is studying, slowly you start scaling the syllabus. As you enjoy while you learn, you’re into it. And if you start now, you’ll be ahead of others. Tum Rank la sakti ho is what I had said in the end.

Everybody is their best. We are our own champions. But admit this, the bottom line remains. Kuch karoge nahi toh kuch hoga nahi. Your initiative lies in your own hands.

So, consciously adopt a good habit today. It will get into the system while you won’t even be knowing. It’ll help you grow as a person. It’ll help you develop.

Positivity has a great bearing on our lives and of those who are around us.

It just a matter of conviction, choice and belief.

And by the way, I forced myself to write this article, it was there on my to-do list since days.

At times when going gets tough and the tough gets going, Do not look for acceptance around you. Be your own acceptance. A little belief that I can, can sometimes make wonders.”

"Once you start working on something, don't be afraid of failure and abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest" - Acharya Chanakya


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CA Aditya Shah
(Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur, Ex Ernst & Young)
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