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Success means different things to different people. For some being wealthy is success and for other it might be fulfilling one’s dream. For some people it is the enjoyment of life that matters and for some attainment of perfect bliss is success. However, one thing that is common in all these cases that every body wants success.


Thanks to almighty, a large section of people spent their whole life day-dreaming and expecting a miracle to happen and change their fortune and destiny, in the process making way for their bold and brave counterparts to achieve success by dint of hard work, self-motivation and thirst to win. A man who believes that success is 99% perspiration and only one % inspiration, work invariably hard, slowly but steadily getting nearer to his goal and ultimately, success embraces him.


Everybody wants to be winner that is why winning is so difficult. Only a few among those who want to win are willing to sacrifice short term enjoyment and prime years of their youth for the sake of their goal and consequently only a handful of them win. The pages of history vividly proclaim that the ideas of many of the great men whom the world today name with awe and wonder were termed as mental defunct by their contemporaries. A trip down the memory lane makes us understand that a large number of electronic gadgets that are used widely today were not even in the dreams of the mankind merely a century ago. Thanks to those brave and courageous souls who dared to think beyond their stereotyped contemporaries, tasting failures and hardships that could easily be avoided, making way for great human inventions, inventions that became an indispensable part of our life today. Had those daredevils kneel down to short term gains and fragile enjoyment of life and avoided the hardships they suffered at their sweetwill; these great inventions could not have been possible.


What makes one lose and other win?


Winners are also ordinary human beings but they are equipped with extraordinary courage, self- motivation and an indomitable will to overcome the hardships by toil and moil. A winner also has unflinching faith in the power of god but his expectation from almighty has strong backing of Karma i.e. hard work. A winner makes all the attempts that one could make but never give up in case of failures. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. A winner takes lessons from his previous failures, mend the loopholes in time, analyze the problem and crack it. A winner accept failure as a challenge to face and defeat. He accepts the failure in good stead and always finds mistake in himself not in the system. The problem does not lie in losing, the real problem starts when we start blaming others for our failures.


Many a time, we find people blaming others or the circumstances in their life for their mediocrity. If we analyze their problems we come to find that though the hardships that these fellows faced in life really posed some or other kind of barriers in their life but most of the time these hardships could have been defeated. The saga of a small time newspaper  vendor who made it to the IAS is a glaring example in this regard.


The world has come a long way from Stone-Age to age of super computers, but one thing that remains the same that it still takes a lot to be a winner as it used to take centuries ago. Who don’t know Arjuna, who took great pains to emerge as the ace shooter? The commitment and concentration of Arjuna can at best be compared with the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar in modern times. Sachin Tendulkar by dint of hard work and highest level of concentration has carved out a niche for himself and his country. Though the fields are different but the characters are more or less same. The characters that Arjuna showed thousands of years ago are still relevant today. This is why Arjuna is still regarded as the ultimate symbol of mental strength and emotional vigor.


Don’t Quit!


Many a times, we come to a point in our life where we were made to believe by the people around us that we are absolutely Zero. Sometimes, we also lose faith in ourselves. This is the time when we start thinking about leaving our long cherished goal. This is not a solution to the problem rather it aggravates the problem further. This is the high time when one should introspect oneself. The failures should be analyzed and way should be found to turn it into success, “When faced with a challenge, look for a way not a way out.”


Success comes from hard work, unshaken commitment towards the goal, sheer grit and determination, stubbornness, self-motivation, propensity to learn and ability to fight back. There is no short-cut to success. Only in dictionary, ‘Success’ comes before ‘Work. ’ In real life one has to rack one’s brain, strive hard and sweat out to taste success. Your determination towards your goal can only rejuvenate you after every failure and your sheer tenacity to stick to your goal could make you reach your destination.

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Sunil Singh Thakur
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